All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


I wouldn’t say Aido has become a conundrum … it has ever been thus.


Ah lad stop will. Opposition matter little? I’ll simply leave it at that


Glorified training session or not 5-19 is some score, especially when you only allow 10 scores against you albeit 3 goals. I expected yous to hockey Limerick but that is still impressive. You should have beaten Galway and I think that if you navigate the qualifiers you will make the AI final again. The qualifier draw is the conundrum, get Tyrone or Monaghan next and you may struggle.


I don’t think Mayo can get Tyrone in the next round, can they?

Round 2 is Round 1 winners vs losers of provincial semi finals. So the only Nordie team Mayo can draw is Monaghan, or one of Down/Donegal.

Round 3 is where they may meet Tyrone.

Or does the sun have my brain melted?


Major difference with dubs beating div 4 team that it was forgotten about on the road back from portlaoise. Mayo are talking about o Connors scoring achievement, Christ there still go on about the time o’se put five past Sligo, totally irrelevant they’ve got to beat the best of div 1 to land the big one, something they consistently fail to do.

Catch 22 for them stronger opposition in next round would show them where the team is but would the legs carry them through to super 8’s. To me way to many questions still dodgy fullback line, lost their most consistent and mobile midfielder to injury and best forward wrong side of 30.


It probably does but nonetheless I think you are right too.


I thought qualifiers this year are to be open draw all the way. I guess I will have to look up to get more confused.


Teams Mayo can draw in the morning:

Sligo, Leitrim, Monaghan, Down/Donegal, Tipp, Clare, Carlow/Laois, Longford (or Dublin :wink:


With the exception of Monaghan there’s nothing there that Mayo would worry about, unless Longford beat us today!


I think Donegal would give them pause for thought … in the unlikely event …


And he’ll probably still get an All Star


Possible, but if Donegal turn out to be weak enough to lose to Down, then I think Mayo will be able to get the better of them too,


Reality check . . . It was against Limerick !


I think Donegal will beat Down. Ulster title is there’s to loose now. Monaghan away would be the worst draw possible for us but then again I think we could go there and win.

I was in Longford during the week and the locals are excited about traveling to Croker to take on the All Ireland champions…you just can’t beat the championship feeling and buzz…go easy on them today will Ye


From watching us v Wicklow that is not going to happen. This team is driven from first whistle to last - obviously told what will happen if intensity drops. Hot day, big pitch - it could get very ugly for Longford …


Only has to show up.


I wish it wasant on TV…I’ll prob end up going outside after 15 min


Donegal have the potential to be a dark horse. They have 3 marquee players in McHugh, Murphy and McBrearty with scoring potential. More fire power than Mayo I would argue. If their younger players players can perform, they could do some damage.


In word, no. That’s why we’re the Dubs & you’re not. (Well, apart from being much, much better looking obviously. :wink: ) Unlike ye lot, we know how to put vastly inferior teams to the sword without breaking a sweat & do it repeatedly.

You should try it some time. Works wonders for d’aul ulcer.


but sure Mayo wouldn’t be Mayo without putting us fans through heat attack football…