All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest



Even when they’re out over a week we’re still hearing about them


I didn’t read that link but I seen someone summarise it on Twitter. Jesus Christ Pat is absolutely insufferable at this stage. He’s far too long at this gig now and is beyond tedious. Time he was relieved of all analysing duties. Such patronising bollocks towards Mayo.


Cluxton has missed pretty much 2 games so far and may not be available again on Sat… You need to earn the accolade in the given year not based on a lifetime of performances. Brody has been the stand out keeper this year to date


I doubt any Dublin players have earned their All-Stars from their performances in Leinster Championship games over the last 7 or 8 years. They’ve earned them in All-Ireland finals and semi-finals and possibly NFL games.

With Cluxton, didn’t someone say that Evan Comerford played for Kickhams against Vincent’s the Wednesday after the Leinster Final? If that was the case, would Jim Gavin have released him if he felt Cluxton wasn’t going to be back for this weekend?


I think the point they are making is that such a strong GAA county finds its senior football team in such a decline. It was a fair discussion without the hyperbole or invective you find elsewhere, and they did acknowledge the work going on at underage. But they are also pointing out that Cork could follow Laois and Derry down through the leagues if they don’t arrest this decline immediately.


He did it to spite Vincent’s.


or @alanoc :wink:


Comerford committed an absolute howler in that game which basically won the game for Vins so I had no issue with him playing :wink:


Glad he got that one out of the way!


All part of Gavin’s plan to get you off his back.


He’d do better to properly look after his players :wink:


And they are all fair points. But in a way, so what if they do. Once there are loads of people playing and it is alive and well that is the important thing. The GAA is truly the one sport where it’s not all about winning.

I must admit a bit of bias in the above though. I have always had a soft spot for Cork GAA, on the whole the players and managers have always come across as decent guys and seem to lack the cynicism of other places.


TBH I am still recovering from the trauma of Portlaoise last week and the U20s v Kildare! It was a wee bit scary seeing the hysteria that was taking place with the Kildare crowd. They were foaming at the mouth in their desire to win and the poor oul’ ref bore the brunt of it. It was a surreal experience. And yes, a load of it is media hyped, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t utilize their own brain from time to time.

But it’s not just Kildare, it’s everywhere. Winning is everything, and it is making it all a bit unpleasant. To include a bit of hurling snobbery - it’s not in hurling so much!


The artist formerly known as Bart used to say the Galway hurling fans were the worst of all …


Wasn’t it just last week at the U20 Leinster hurling final a fan came onto the pitch to have words with the referee at full time? The game wasn’t even over there was extra time and to add to that the management having words with the referee as well!

I understand you said it’s not so much in hurling but it’s definitely there!


He came back after extra time too for another pop!!!


Brady tipping Roscommon to come out of our group :eyes:


Only if they turn it upside down.


where was that on or in?


Yep, you are right - it is there too. For some reason, I have found that U20 / U21 grade to be the worst for it.