All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Absolute disgrace I bet ye he wouldn’t have been arrested for waving an Israeli flag, and the world stands by watching


He wasn’t arrested for waving the Palestinian flag ffs.

Sure there was another one being waved during the game


Was he arrested for waving a flag?

The only flags at sports events should be sports flags.


Your favourite referee Alan getting a Garda escort :smile: . No doubt GAA will reward him with the Munster final



Mayo apologist radio network! Jaysus you have really gone native.


I jumped the gun alright!




Ahh noo, nooo! Croker is the only reason Dublin are winning all the time. That and resources. And referees.


Congrats Rufus, another day out with nothing expected, treasure these moments :wink:. Westmeath truly gone to the dogs, two decent performances in Leinster Finals and now this.


In fairness, Wa’herford beating Wexico was a minor surprise (must have been great celebs and rejoicing on the 9.15pm JJ Kavanagh’s service from Wex to Dungarvan). And Kildare in Derry, and Armagh in Mullingar were never foregone conclusions.


“Gardai in Navan who were attending a football match between Meath and Tyrone today received a number of complaints from attendees that their view of the game was obscured by a flag.”

“There were a number of young families also in the crowd, the male was arrested under the Public Order Act and conveyed to Navan Garda station where he was dealt with by way of Adult caution and released.”


So he was arrested for public disturbance. Not flying a flag. You don’t get arrested for flying a flag.


Correct. What I’d say happend is they asked him to move down the flag so it wasn’t obstructing someone’s view and he got smart with the guards. Could have easily been a Tyrone flag or whatever but he was not arrested because it was a Palestinian flag


Publicity stunt and its working!!!


What would happen in WHL?


A nordie getting thick with the authorities, I don’t believe it, could never happen.

What’s amazing is so many people read something on social media and accept it as fact.

Qualifiers threw up some interesting performances. As other contributors have pointed out hard to know how strong the likes of westmeath/wexford were.

Also hard to know how good Meath were and how bad Tyrone are. There shooting in second half was shocking. Found an extra gear in extra time.

Mayo back up and running on long road not to be over critical but conceeding 3 goals to Limerick isn’t a god sign for mayo4sam.


We are back baby :wink: only messing. I didn’t make it to limerick with work but it was a glorified training session really. Mayo A v B games would be more useful but that said it’s no harm to blow out the dirty diesel.

Say what you want about Cillian but to be Mayo top ever scorer and closing in on gooch at just 26 is a great record.

I’ll admit I felt dirty hoping Meath would beat Tyrone. Sean Cavanagh annoys me like no other former player and was hoping the smile would be wiped off his face. I’d still fancy mayo to take Tyrone if we meet in the final qualifier round.


Like Mayoman said incredible achievement by Cillian, yesterday he was on fire. The fact that the opposition was so poor matters little as this year he had been so off form I was worried he would struggle, this was the confidence booster he needed to drive on.

Cian Hanley was the player I was most impressed by, scored only 1 point but seemed to be involved in creating so many scores especially the goals. His movement and handwork was quality. Defo a super addition to the 2018 panel.

Aido frustrated me again at times, a few bad easy passes and then sends a MacDonaldesque pass into the forwards for one of our goals. He still over plays ball, but not as much as he used to. McLoughlin had a word with him at one stage when he didn’t lay a quick ball off to him.


Funny one friend of mine said Cian Hanley was useless and the other said he was impressive…goes to show we all see things different ??

Aidan O Se has become a conondrum for Mayo…what to do with him and where to play him?


It actually matters a lot. The pair of you Mayo boys think all is well with ■■■ cos he destroys a crap team. And Aido. Happens every year. But never when it really matters. That’s the whole point … so it matters a lot …