All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Look it’s the fooking sunshine it’s killing me. Making me say mad shit I even went to mass this morning


Probably brushing your teeth with the left hand instead of the right.

Say a prayer to lord all mighty Whelo and all will be forgiven.

If at any point when discussing football you say “but wouldn’t it be nice to see Mayo finally win an all Ireland” your re lapsing you need to lie down in a dark room.


Ah here that mayo remark is cutting me deep Shrek. Terrible thing to say to a fellow resser. I’ll light a candle for ya.


Lillies for Sam! They’re on a roll now. Ulster football is so weak, but it’s nobody’s fault and no-one in the media will say it. Munster is a basket case but it’s nobody’s fault.


End the Provincial Championships


Yeah right!

FT Armagh 3-16 Westmeath 1-11. There still fight left in Armagh.


What happened to Niall Morgan? Is he injured?


Jayzus, can’t wait for the draw. Watching teams I don’t like cheat and knock sh#t out of each other makes me feel like Caesar in the Colliseum. Thumbs down I say.


That’s some shameful shit.


Yis are all cranky fucks!


6 out of 7 of the games were won by the visiting team. I wonder if that is some sort of record in the qualifiers or not?


I doubt it. The lesser ranked counties get to play at home. Hardly a surprise then, when they lose. Home field advantage isn’t much use, if you’re shite.


Home field ? You want us singing take me out to the ball park next…


I was being inclusive, considering who I was speaking to.:us: :us: :us:


Of course our yankee visitor mind you judging by his(or her) contributions they re pretty well integrated. Nice of you to be considerate. I ll just slink off to cultural inclusion class…


You can say home ground. That’s fine. Hope Waterford get some coverage from the media for this win even its on the Mayo Apologists Radio Network.

Edit - Well that was quick! Colin Kelly resigns from Westmeath following defeat to Armagh


He does. He comes from Armagh stock though. His grandfather Harry played for Armagh in the 1961 Ulster Final defeat to Down and his Dad, Paud, played minor football for Armagh. Often wondered did Paud regret the decision to settle down in Moy! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I genuinely wouldn’t get too worked up about that. That was a significantly weakened Westmeath side.

Still, a win’s a win!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh OK. What a great 6 months for him though. Winning an All-Ireland Intermedaite Club title and now breaking into the Tyrone intercounty setup and scoring a vital goal in the qualifiers against Meath this afternoon.


I’ll put all the match reports from here.