All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Would that have gone to a shoot-out if that free in had been awarded & converted? Lots of cudda, wudda, shudda there but yis know what I mean.


Some were marginal calls, but defo thought that was a free in for Meath at the end


Nope. Another 2 periods of extra time of 5 mins


The inconsistency of referring in both codes has been poor so far.


Mayo have hit 3 quick goals now and are cruising.


This is defo their year! :smile:


Aido putting in a Man of The Match performance no doubt.


Theres gonna be a lot of goals to show on that RTE qualifiers program.


Well Limerick just scored a 3rd goal lmao.

FT Mayo 5-19 Limerick 3-7

Cilllian O’Connor hat-trick and 2 goals for Andy Moran. (I see his name is blacked out)

Seamus O’Carroll of Castleknock with 2 of Limerick’s goals including a pen


5.19 :eyes:


I bet you feel all dirty after that … the shame the shame.

Meath footballers out and hurlers relegated if carlsberg did Saturdays.

I for one can never forgive them for beating us and cheating Louth in 2010, Think of it we’d be going for our 14th Leinster in a row only for them and all the commentators would be reasonably giving us due credit :laughing:


Offaly 2-20 Antrim 1-15
Cavan 2-16 Wicklow 1-5 (Epic Fail of a prediction). :expressionless:


I’d forgive the orcs quicker than tyrone. There I said it.


Can you not just despise them both with the same ardour. Like the rest of us…


I do I do but ya know on the day ya want one to suffer that little bit more… Don’t worry I’m reserving all my hatred for kerry… Is that acceptable?


I don’t like any of them.


Kildare 2-22 Derry 2-14

Damian McErlain has a lot of work to do next year if he stays on.

Tyrone 2-14 Meath 0-19 AET

Harry Loughran plays with Sean and Colm Cavanagh at Moy I believe?


Exactly cant you just be bitter and cranky like the rest of us or is all this success making us soft.

Next youll be admiring Meaths agricultural shtyle and there cooky accents


First rule of gaamayoblog club - Aido always get motm.



Big man for the small occasion is our Aido.