All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Very well said.


Spot on.


I agree with you 100% on season ticket holders. But I was under the impression, and if I’m wrong I apologise for my ignorance, that PP holders and season ticket holders are two separate groups with very different attendance requirements for each group?


PP holders do not have an attendance criteria at all. But the two lads that I referenced went to every game this year, bar a couple they missed from being away on their summer holidays with their families. That is hardly a hanging offence, or worthy of a dig that its a bit rich to be complaining of the whereabouts of a guaranteed ticket. If they were event junkies maybe, but they’re not.


PP pass holders don’t have the same requirements attached, but many who hold the passes go to all the games both home and away, having the added bonus off having to pay for the away league games on top of the pass price.


I go to nearly all league and championship games but I have neither a PP or season ticket as I only returned from living abroad last year. I haven’t been pulled out in the club draw the past 2 years and got sorted very late on Saturday evening both years. Last year’s ticket was up in the gods, I was just happy to be there


Good, I’m glad you got sorted, but everyone has differerent circumstances and differing levels of expectation based on their previous history of going to games. Let’s not be hasty in judging our fellow travellers on this glorious road to football heaven Brother Bolo. :blue_heart:


That’s fair enough and apologies for the rushed judgement


God bless you Brother Bolo.



The guy with the cap looks like Spike Milligan.


I hope not. He’s been dead 17 years. :hushed:

Br Kevin - God bless him- looks far more excited to meet Sam than he was the Pope.

Don’t blame him!


I go to the odd game but was delighted to get tickets beside the presentation area. You can’t beat a desperate supplier.


when we go to away games , we use our mates season tickets.
I’ve said earlier that i go to league games and its not easy to get out to collect the tickets in advance , so we also pay in to croker as we have kids with us also.


I don’t understand why PP holder still have to physically collect tickets. Surely it could be automated or you could be given a card to scan at away games just like the season ticket. It’s basic technology.


to be fair they have made it better by allowing you to collect a bundle of tickets , but yeah to scan in would be nice .


Agree 100%.

What makes it even worse, is they are only open at 10. You can’t even go in before work and they are closed on match days.


Yep, the PP pass isn’t the golden ticket some seem to imagine it is.


Ah no, I’ve no complaints with the PP itself. Just when the bloody ticket office is open and that online eticketing isn’t available, which is a bit daft, as it is for the other ticketing platforms, such a the season ticket, etc etc


I woke up at 3am the other night laughing my bollox off at this. I’m still sniggering…


Indeed! :clap: