All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


We seen a few Kerry folk on Clonliffe road leaving the ground after the Minor match


Would you blame them? It must be torture for them.


Ah it’s a long drive … and a longer winter.


Yerra God bless them through the long winter months.


That avatar of yours needs sorting boss.

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So true. Working on it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Maith an fear. :wink:


Hope everyone who was looking got sorted .
No shortage of tickets about apparently , alot came back Saturday morning .


Two of my in-law outlaws exiled in Limerick came up on a wing and a prayer. It was their first time to even bother, but they heard demand wasn’t as mad as previous years, so they gave it a lash. They were both sorted before they even left the Red Cow.


Always see a few Dublin ‘supporters’ domiciled up in the bar at the back of the cusack stand. I was heading back for second half and thry had a table full of pints in front of them. Don’t seem to have any interest in the game. Loud and mouthy


and probably wouldn’t find Parnell park with a sat nav…


Did everyone get sorted with tickets, seems to be a good few floating around on the day.

See a Tyrone fan going ballistic as some guy at the turnstiles as he has a print ticket, they guy was trying to explain to them there are no print out tickets for the all Ireland final. Don’t know what happened after that.


Going into game Sunday some clown asked where was hill16? I’m like how the f**k did you get a ticket. Hope everyone here got a ticket.


Very noticeable when the match was over how many Dublin supporters were there - big contrast to the mayo matches. That hopefully means that everyone got sorted.


No Hill tkts floating on the day, worst I’ve ever seen it for Hill


Think they had swapped out.

Someone mentioned areas in the upstairs where there were empty seats, could have been minor supporters leaving? A friend was telling me of some snafu a few years ago when a batch of tickets were left in a drawer and never sold :grinning:


Couple of the lads here in work (PP holders) were up in the nosebleeds at the back of 701. They were less than impressed with being so far away. They moved down to the wheelchair section/bar area behind 304 before throw in and stood and watched the 1st half from there. A few Kerry and Galway folk left at half time and they moved down into their seats when they left. I doubt if they were the only ones to move down from the Gods, as is so far away from the action. Hate being up there meself !


Bit rich complaining about a guaranteed ticket


I disagree. As a Season Ticket holder myself the AI final on Sunday was game number 16 of league and championship. I attended 15 of those 16 matches, only missing the league game in Omagh through illness.

I didn’t consider myself ‘lucky’ to have an AI ticket. I think it was well earned from January-September freezing my balls off in Croker in late January early February, organising countless number of babysitters, organising transport, providing transport to and from Donegal for other fans etc. etc…

Having done all that for years I think it’s reasonable to expect a decent seat in Croker for the final. I got shafted this year and was Row Z (back wall) of the Upper Cusack. Sitting beside a man and his son from Carlow who told me they go to every AI final… a guy from Kerry, half a dozen Tyrone fans and 2 tourists!


agree with you hawk eye , especially when you see some of the event fans turning up on the day. we’d lads near us who seemed to be more concerned at waving to their mates in the hill or upper cusack than the match at times.