All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Looking to do a swap of some form - one premium for two seats together.


A bit off topic but I’ve two hill and am bringing one of the kids who’s about 5’ 0". When I bring the kids we’re usually in the stand. Where on the Hill do people reckon it would be least crowded? I’m guessing in the corner beside the Cusack but if anyone has experience of bringing kids onto the Hill they might know better.


Top left @ the cusack…enjoy


All the better ifyou can get in early and take spot behind the wall of one of the exit tunnels.


The word is vomitory, apparently.
Fun fact for All-Ireland final day.
Up Da Dubs.


Haha… walked into dat one :point_up:


Yeah. Or failing that, at one of the barriers. That’s just for their own comfort to though. By throw in, every square inch will be jammers.


Barrier behind the kid will limit any of the effects of a surge forward, which normally follows a Dublin goal or the likes. You get used to predicting these moments in the match and can normally stand close to them just on time. Get I early and get a good spot.

As said above, usually the closest to the Cusack is a bit tamer. If you’re aiming for here, make sure you choose the left-most entrance from the street. If you go in the wrong turnstile, there’s no going back.
The only issue I’d see with this tactic is that Tyrone have been given a large allocation of Hill tickets, and will probably be in their largest numbers in this section of the Hill. If there was to be conflict between opposition fans, it may be in this area, but hopefully that won’t arise.

Again, you’re best bet is to arrive early. If you’re surrounded by potential idiots, move on to another area.


Will do man.


Thanks for the advice @Dub051 and @Kevo14. I was thinking along those lines too.


Sorted now, thanks all the same.


Not to rub it in for those who couldn’t make it but I spotted a fair few empty seats in the Upper Cusack. There was a column of 6/7 seats at the edge of the aisle around about 712/713 that were unoccupied. In total I’d say there were easily 75-100 seats that appeared to be empty. I hope no one on here missed out.


they said it was a full house, think the attendance is given on tickets scanned, could be wrong


Yeah. Full house was announced. Season ticket holders are included, whether they are there are not. You never know, people could be in the jacks, or getting something to eat, or doing corporate stuff in a box or whatever.


Saw somewhere somebody said there were to girls next to him that went to the bar at half time and never bothered coming back,


Why spend €80 a head to stand in the bar…Go to a fu**ing pub that’s showing the game and spend €80 on drink…


Doubt if they paid for the tickets,event junkies more likely given the tickets


Met a meath man at half time . Said this was the most complete team he has ever seen . Said , enjoy the second half , he went home .


Mad stuff alright. Few country lads in work went to game, mostly hurling fans, they just wanted to say they’d witnessed the greatest team ever…


I met a Leitrim lad who was going because he loves watching Dublin play. Good few empty seats in Davin stand upper too.