All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


I’ll can swap 2 canal lower for two hill plus cash.


Have lower canal looking to swap for Nally if interested? Will be collecting 2moro


Have upper cusack. Looking to swap for hill. Straight swap. PM.


Have 2 lower davin together. Looking for 2 hill.


Whatever about swapping, are all resers sorted? Daller posted that tickets are available on Tyrone gumtree at face value in case anyone missed


Looking for a Hill.


Hill Nally or roof please :eyes:


Hi gents have one davin upper and one nally looking to swap for two togeather anywhere lower or david upper for nally, long shot but for someone not great with heights and young lad that can’t be separated. Cheers


I believe Jack Mc has a spare, he came out in the Clontarf draw, but apparently he can’t go for some reason:)


I have two upper cusack, section 713, looking to swap for 2 hill if possible. Sound


Know someobe with 2 lower cusack looking to swap for hill


Tickets seemed to have dried up a bit today


Still plenty around. Never seen as many for a final before


looking for 1 ticket anywhere please.


Have a lower Hogan stand ticket. Section 326 row PP.

Looking to swap for a terrace ticket (Nally preferably as mates in there).

Message if interested.


Hi, I have two hill. Are your upper Cusack together?


Looking for one if you hear.


If he doesn’t reply the 2 lower Canal I have are together


Yep still available lad


Looking for one terrace ticket, Hill or Nally!