All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Keep the faith…there’ll be tickets to be got!


Always had the parnell park pass and stupidly let it lapse. Keep hearing about tickets being a bit easier this year. But nothing yet. I managed to source others outside of my own hill tickets the last few years when it was really tough. Crap not having the security of the guaranteed ticket.

Anyways, appreciate any consideration of someone here has a spare. Preferably hill vur would take anywhere as easier to swap.


Not gonna make it back n missing first final since 74 … chancing me arm but looking for 1 for me Daughter … if anyone has can yis PM me please


Hi lads,
Didn’t get a ticket in the club draw last night, they are hopeful of getting more. I am on the lookout for 2 tickets but will obviously take 1. Young lad had his heart set on going to his 1st all-ireland final so hopefully I won’t have to break his heart. If anyone can help me out, please PM me. I will travel anywhere to collect tickets between now and throw in on Sunday.
Thanks in advance lads.


Good morning, I have a couple of Nally Terrace tickets that i would like to swap for stand tickets and I will pay the €80 difference. I usually get Hill16 and swap for stand but this year I got Nally so maybe there won’t be the same swap opportunities?

DM me if interested. Would probably be willing to swap one plus €40 for one stand either.


I was in Nally last year. If you go to the section that’s closest to the hill it’s actually very good. Basically don’t go to the right when you’ve gone in. (did that for Mayo drawn game 2016, nightmare).

If it’s a case that all your mates are in hill, fair enough. Although I’ve been going to Croker with same group of 3 other reprobates for 20+ years. Weve never got as much as 2 seats together and have never gotten 4 Hill

Bonne chance anyway to one and all.


Someone had the audacity to suggest to me yesterday that it mightn’t be a sell out, Its an AIF for Christ sake of course it’ll be full !, but I agree that more seem to be sorted with tickets earlier this year than normal (and I’m not referring to it being August and not September), EP probably an effect but I also think the absence of the people’s champions from the west, the associated hype with them and that half the eastern seaboard of the USA not having to return home this year is a factor too in an improved ticket availability situation this year.


Am looking for two Hill(not Nally) if anyone gets spares.


Sounds like a decent swap, give us a look at her first before I commit :slight_smile:




Looking for one ticket anywhere in the ground DM me


Ya durt burd.


How DARE you!

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Thanks Savio… i’ve been to the Hill and Nally and as you say, there is little difference if you position yourself correctly.

I will use the 2 nally if i don’t get a swap but im hoping there is someone who would rather be in the terrace who will swap me two stand and i’ll pay the difference.



Have 2 Upper Hogan, willing to swap for 2 Nally plus difference?


that would work. Where are you based? Could you swap later or in the morning?


Hi, Have 2 Upper Hogan, willing to swap for 2 Nally plus difference?


Suits me. I sent you a DM if you want to get back to me.


Have 1 Nally. Hoping to swap for one stand (will pay difference of course)


Getting a Lower Cusack (301 MM) tomorrow, looking to swap for a hill if anybody interested.