All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Anyone here anything about ticket allocations for clubs and what they got? Hearing our one is quite small or what we have to raffle off for members looking for tickets is quite small.


For the match ticket I’d say you would.


I have heard big clubs got the same as last year but some small clubs got cut. There is a small number of tickets going to clubs tomorrow.


I’d suspect there will be plenty of tickets cropping up. Got a call from relative in a strong football club in limerick…they’ve several tickets and nobody interested in taking them.


I think many neutrals think dublin will win pulling up and they’re not interested in paying €80 t watch it. I’ve had no requests at all compared to other years, not that I can ever help. But people think I can for some reason!


Wait till we’re going for 5 in a row the whole country will want to be there !!!


Sack in Spandex looking for 1 hill :slight_smile:

The season ticket has let this ould chap down


Someone get that man a ticket.


Give your aul mate Falcs a shout!!


Hes no friend off mine …dirt


Might even do her granny for the match ticker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The original???


I think it’s ‘un original’. Sack thought he was French.


Musta blown a pile on the hurling final himself :laughing:


From Burgundy wasn’t it?


More the Alsace region.


whats the consensis lads, is there more tiks about this year? all the usual feelers out but not a dicky so far. hope its not a 2013 repeat going around before the game with a sign on a broom-handle. unsuccessfully too. gettin nervous now.


Yeah plenty of tickets floating about


Yeh I’d agree. Seems to be more sorted at this stage than other years. In my own club a good few turned them down/sorted someone else due to them being sorted already/ EP


Share the wealth ye rascals :couplekiss_man_woman: