All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Unfortunately that’s not the case. Most clubs have a draw. For example, last year in my own club, not even 10 of the 40/50 odd (very odd) adult male playing members got tickets automatically. And that’s not a gripe, it’s just the honest reality when you factor in large volume of juvenile members, juvenile and adult committees etc etc


Its 4 in some counties


It just surprised me how low the threshold was to be guaranteed at least one ticket (54% attendance by their standard or 40% attendance in real terms). I genuinely didn’t even realise anyone at club level was guaranteed a ticket, I just assumed it was all in to a draw.


sadly not. last year a friend of mine said he would put his name into the clubs draw for me (not, BTW my own club). so anyway there was no draw as they didnt get enough tickets etc ect. I eventually got a stand ticket anyway and wanted to swap for a hill (which may happen again this year).

eventually the deal was done and i got a hill ticket - from a mayo source (as in over in mayo not a mayo lad in tipp) - and the ticket was from that very same club. They sent all their tickets to mayo.


Heard Noel Rock got 8 tickets


Not to mention the likes of the Leinster council. Lad I work with his father from Laois is on it got 4 and has since picked up another 2. Trying to get him to give me 2 which is easier said than done.


Metrolink gave Na Fianna 3,000 tickets and are hosting a free bar bar-b-q on Sunday evening. Nobody knows why.


As a TD he gets the option to buy 2 tickets at face value anyway so he’s alright.


Heard clubs have received an email today about a 2nd allocation


Will he travel by Metrolink?


Do the Kilkenny CB get tickets for this even though they don’t have a Senior IC team ?


I think I see it somewhere he’s giving them two tickets to his two pals from Kerry Danny and Michael.


or lashing them up on seatwave! :grin:


Danny want a couple cans of red bull to keep him awake for Sunday :wink:


:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: everything that’s wrong with this country


Michelle. Mulherin.



Would ya though?


I would in my Swiss roll





Go on then.



Plenty of lube so