All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


As a matter of interest … when people say all other counties ‘sent their tickets to Mayo’ … logistically how is this done?

Who exactly in Mayo are they sent to? …. How are they paid for & delivered etc.?

It’s hardly a DoneDeal type scenario whereby “we’ll post on 10 tickets as soon as you pay us via paypal” …


If you were to check my PP pass for usage it wouldn’t look good.
I use it for the club games and the games where tickets are scarce - so omagh and the final this year.

One of my mates holds the cards , its not too convenient getting into the ticket office, so we buy the tickets on line for the championship games. I don’t think we have used them for the league games for the past two years, so we end up paying the 45/60 euro for the games in croker if we aren’t using another mates season ticket.


Would love to know how many attend club championship games. Wanted to get pass for club games.


Probably trying to solve the theory of everything and how to be lucky a general twice


What’s the system used by the county board to decide how many tickets to give to clubs?
The amount of adult teams you field ?


Presumably the tickets would be sent to the Mayo county board. Most of these deals (swapping hurling for football tickets etc) are done at that level as opposed to local (club) level. In fairness to Mayo they were very good at it, and had the advantage of being primarily a one code county, whereas Dublin would find it harder to swap out hurling tickets as there would always be a demand for them here among hurling supporters.


This would also limit the number of hurling tickets they would get - so wouldn’t really come into the equation.


I don’t know, for me I think a lot of it is barstool talk and myth. It might happen but I reckon it’s only at a fraction of what is suggested.

There isn’t a man/woman in any parish I’d say that doesn’t know someone looking for an AI ticket. For any club to be sending back or not using their allocation of tickets is counter productive.

They’re giving away the chance to raise funds by having a raffle (rightly or wrongly) and just like a budget, if you don’t use it one year you’re unlikely to get the same budget (allocation) the next year.


Does every club in the country not get at least 2/3 tickets for every final, regardless of code. The likes of Mayo would have that allocation at least, plus whatever their hurlers would get.
On top of that there is probably a lot of horse trading done similar to how world cups in rugby and soccer are decided where the promise of support for one proposal sees a few tickets trickle back the other way. In the scramble for tickets every few tickets count.


dont slag it P…thats how I ended up with a spare back in '11 :joy:




ye. every club gets at least 2 I think regardless of if they play both


I heard reliably and surprisingly that Tyrone are returning tickets. Not sure of quantity.


Just had a text from a cousin in Limerick trying to sell me two lower hogan, half way line tickets, for a friend!!! €250.00 a piece!!! He didn’t like my reply.


Cheeky C*nt


Just got two there for face value!!! :grin::grin::grin:


I have never had an issue getting AI tickets. Full active club members should not have any problems unless your from one of the larger clubs in Dublin in my view.


Spoke to someone very high up the food chain who said demand is nothing like other years so I’d expect plenty ‘on the street’ on Sunday.


Was just on the Na Fianna website and saw this:

All-Ireland Football Final Tickets
In accordance with Club policy the following arrangements will apply to ticket distribution for the above. Dublin played 12 matches this year between league and championship. As we only received 8 tickets for the match in Omagh attendance there is being disregarded.If you have bought adult tickets through the club for a minimum of 6 of the 11 matches you will be allocated either 1 or 2 tickets in accordance with your order history.

Those qualifying as result of their order history will be contacted early next week and will be required to pay for their ticket(s) on collection in club on Thursday 30th between 9 and 10pm. Please do not leave money for tickets behind the bar…
All other paid up members who wish to be included in a draw for the right to purchase 1 ticket should email their request to before 6 pm on Wednesday 29th August. Only paid up adult members may apply and make sure to include your contact phone number.
Please do not contact any member of Executive or Padraigin Bhreathnach regarding tickets as the ONLY way to apply for entry to draw is by email as above.

So am I reading this correctly, if you ordered 2 tickets for 6 of the 11 games mentioned above then you’re guaranteed 2 tickets for the final?

We’ve actually played 15 games between league and championship not 12


I’d imagine they are only counting the home league games as they would be the only ones you could order tickets through the county board for.
As for your reading of the email it looks as though you are guaranteed tickets if you ordered for at least 6 games alright, but what you get might not necessarily be 2 because you ordered 2. It says based on order history but there might have been people ordering 3 or 4 each time being told you will get 2, and if you ordered less you may only get 1. Either way they obviously have crunched the numbers based on their allocation and are confident they can cover anyone that falls into the category stated.