All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


I had no luck in club draw, in an other one so fingers crossed. I kick myself everyday for giving up a season ticket, always got looked after by club up to last year.:persevere:


I’m wondering will my name be in the club draw this year as I won’t be home? I’ll find out on Friday I suppose. it would be nice if I was able to ‘gift’ a ticket to someone.


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Hi folks - we’re back again this year with our online raffle for a pair of tickets to the final. Tickets can be purchased from Klubfunder (see link below). It’s €5 to enter (buy two, get one free). The draw takes place on tomorrow night (Wednesday) and tickets will be sent out in the post on Thursday morning (next day delivery). Tickets are for the Lower Davin, Section 323 and we’ve had a total of 51 people enter the draw so far (as of 7:30PM on Tuesday August 28th).

Best of luck!


man with 2 hill tickets, needs to swap for 2 stand tickets. however, 2 stand tickets must be side by side or at least very close, 9 year old son attending with adult, Hill not suitable for child so young

will pay cash difference obviously


Difference this year should be

More tickets back to Dublin as not every culchie club will send tickets to Tyrone as much as they did mayo last year

Less Tyrone supporters living in Dublin than the flogs of mayo fiok over generations who swept up tickets in Dublin last year

Should mean that we have a good few tickets floating around on Friday and Saturday - probably a bit like 2015 I’d say. Still hard to find


Also, probably not a whole lot of tyrone fans coming home from abroad for it doing anything they can to get tickets…and a lot of ‘anyone but Dublin’ merchants won’t bother this year as tyrones odds are not as good as mayos were last year so they are not too bothered spending time and money on it…it should be easier to get them alright


Some Tyrone fans may feel it is better watched from behind the couch with their fingers over their eyes rather than spend a couple of hundred quid … though they could of course win too.


In fairness, I think that was me.

I’d say there better than usual chance of picking up tickets in days and hours before hand. Usual spots should deliver.

Tyrone don’t have local base who be in capital anyway and not a game that will draw neutrals unlike mayo/Dublin saga.


Bottomline is there will be less Dubs looking too, but the house will be full. Tickets fall into strange hands for finals.


Can ya still buy the Parnell Pass even at this late stage . I remember the carry on with people buying it like a week or two before the final in '11 & been eligible for ticket to the final .


Sold out and a lengthy waiting list.


Yep was out of order from the DCB in my opinion, clearly took advantage to make a killing, the tickets should have gone to clubs


Remember been pissed about it at the time , annoyed at myself that i didn’t take advantage of it but believing too it was wrong at the time as it was probably people who hadn’t set foot at a game all year .


Lots of stories of clubs having surplus tickets.

I’ll not mention names, but one big town club managed to get tickets for all but 11 members which is remarkable.

I think it’s a mixture of cost - especially with the number of games played this season - and maybe a lack of belief.


is that you Falcon?:grinning:




McGuinness left his coaching role in China in December/January. What’s he been doing since does anyone know?

Is he still involved in Soccer or has he just been studying/scratching his hoop?


Ticket pressure definitely less than recent (Mayo!) times


Interesting to see how many of those actually still use PP.