All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Looking for ticket too. Judes and Crokes 7s on Saturday morning. Should be tickets floating at them.


Looking to swap a Hill ticket for a stand and pay difference. Anyone interested please PM me. Thank-you.


Didn’t get one in refs draw so my fate now lies in my club - still looking for one for my young lad too if any spares going


Tyrone supporter looking to swap Hill 16 ticket for stand. Anyone? Go raibh maith agat


It’s a pity clubs don’t know their allocations until Thursday. Doesn’t leave a lot of wriggle room unfortunately but what can they do.


Yeah it’s squeaky bum time after that. Here’s hoping some tickets come back from non-competing counties, can’t see too many been sent to Tyrone unlike Mayo last year.


I’d say it will loosen up towards the weekend, clubs will hopefully get an extra allocation on the Saturday. Got a ticket from Kerry myself, think the last time that happened was 95. In fact I’ve never got a ticket earlier than the Thursday for any final since.


Saturday night has been the latest I have gotten a ticket for a final - had virtually given up hope at that stage!


Got a ticket on here an hour before throw in last year for my sister in law. I think at that stage people had stopped looking at the ticket thread . Once I saw the offer there was frantic whatsapps and pms trying to arrange a meeting place.

2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm

Just like Tinder …


That must how Stan Collymore got ticket for final last year :joy::joy:


I wonder could you get a ticket on tinder🤔


Yeah it’s a curse. Latest for me was drawn final in 2016. Got a phone call at midday the Sunday with a nally ticket! Got in late and had to make do with that part of it that is closest to the Hogan. Way up high, could see feck all and got drowned. This year is the first I can recall where I can actually relax the week of the final. Last year was Saturday midday. The anxiety was too much.


looking for 1 ticket for my dad will pay face value


I’d be hopeful of getting a ticket before Sunday but i’ll be heading into town anyway and scouring the pubs in the area for a ticket.


Hopeful of getting one through a fellow Dub living in Kerry who knows someone who might have one going. Will hear back in the next day or two :crossed_fingers:


Try the Judes 7s in Tymon on Saturday afternoon. I got ticket there for 2015 final. Got a text this morning from a friend in Clare, he has a ticket for me:)


Cheers, I’m reffing Saturday at 3.30 but will try and pop over after my game. I’d be hopeful of getting one from my club too on Thursday night.


Often heard folks say the Boars Head on caple street is a good spot for tickets


Parking tickets.

(ask for your rights in Irish and you’ll be grand though)