All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Will be some crack for tickets if we play them in castlebar during Super 8 next year


In 2011 against Kerry we had the majority of the crowd. This year’s was the smallest Dublin crowd I’ve experienced in a final. Lower than 2013 and last year both against Mayo.


No way will the GAA have that one Castlebar. Too much money to be made


Leinster & Munster winners and two others from the back door in one group
Connaught and Ulster and the other two in the other I think.

Semis are winners -v- runners up.

So I’d imagine we play Kerry in cork. You read it here first.

Unless it’s Ulster and we play Tyrone.

Also in cork.

You read that first here too.


Without going full Barry here I wish they’d move that :movie_camera: Away from the hill. It’s a joke.

They could take the pic around the anthem from the middle of the pitch.


Thanks to the Mayo flags, I will never be able to prove that I was at the 3 in a row

Says he in a Mayo GAA Blog style conspiracy to hide the number of Dubs that were at the game…


Not sure, but I thought that because it’s Leinster and Connacht’s turn to be together in the semis under the old system, that the new system will have them together for the Super 8.

Also the plan as initially outlined was that the first match was to be the provincial champions against each other in Croke Park.
Then the provincial champions play a home match.
Then the provincial champions play an away match.

So if we win Leinster and win both our Croke Park games, then the 3rd game away will likely be a dead rubber.

There’ll be some teams not capable of playing home games, so not sure what happens there. Presume many of the Ulster teams would have to use Clones? Not sure what Kildare or Meath would do for their home game if they made it.


Whatever the format will be, I’m glad it’s changing and I’m looking forward to something different. Anyway, we’ll still win it!


They’ve only changed it to ensure that Dublin do 4 in a row. And Aslan will probably referee the final while Jim Gavin’s neighbour and good friend Dublin Joe sings ‘The Rare Auld Times’ at half time. The Air Corps will provide Jim Gavin with arial reconnaissance while disguising their intentions by calling it a fly over. Even the Gardaí wear blue to show their support for Dublin and the final has been moved to August because there’s more chance of a blue sky.

All that will stand in the way of Dublin/Sky/AIG will be the poor fíor gaels of Maigh Eo, led by St Cillian, with nothing but pure intentions in their hearts and GPS devices in their hands.


Do parnell pass cover these away super 8 games seem to remember using pass to get tickets for game in kilkenny 2 years ago


It covers all championship games involving Dublin home or away


Resurrecting this thread for the week that’s in it.

Anybody trying to advertise club draws for tickets must seek approval before posting as has been the case here for many years.


Anyone else’s club allocation dramatically down on previous finals ?


I think we got the same initial allocation as previously. 50 in total. Hoping a few more become available during the week before they are given out.


Looking for two tickets together if possible. Would prefer Hill but would take anything.

More subdued build up this year. Lots of people saying there isn’t as much interest as some recent years but that doesn’t seem to be translating to tickets!

Maybe I’m panicking a bit early in the week. It’s on Monday!


Would be extremely grateful for one ticket for anywhere. No season ticket or Parnell pass, and little or no chance of getting one in club allocation.


Not going to ask for tickets here but anyone have any thoughts on good places to try on Sunday morning
Had some luck in the early 90s in Gaffney’s and Meaghers
Was ok till last year not a chance first final I missed
Will trawl the pubs but if any suggestions I’d be grateful


For the 1st time ever I have no ticket at ticket at stage. Getting a bit worried :disappointed_relieved:


Thought you exchanged your Hurling Tickets for football :sob::sob::sob:


Id say if you hang around Quinns or Jones Road close to kick off people might try & off load them .