All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


That’s the wan, holy mother of Jayaus the noise out of her.


yeah what row were you lads


For every loud mouth and fool that was screaming for mayo we have our own but at the end of it all of segregation came in it would ruin the uniqueness of a few match.

That’s very true. A lot of people get excitable during the game (myself included), but generally speaking there are very few that go beyond that. I was in 305 on Sunday and the only ones I saw going beyond the usual roaring and shouting were 2 separate Dubs a bit in front of me. One was spoken to by a steward after about 10 minutes, and to be fair he calmed down after that, and the other disappeared before half time after ignoring the pleas of his family, I presume, to shut up for half an hour ended in what could best be described as a domestic. To be honest, I was glad to see the back of him because he was an embarrassment to the Dublin fans around me.


Was in lower cusack 303 … Good mix of dubs n mayo and generally no probs although the cops had to come in after bout 5 mins to stop a row bout 10 seats to me rite

When they went 2 points up n won next lockout the mayo crowd were simply losing it with excitement… Was thinkin now way are they gonna stop a pitch invasion here


Generally quite so!!


Saddens me when our own abuse our own. The amount of abuse O’Gara is simply fucked up.


Speaking of which did you see Cooper diving when he got the belt on the head .,.


I thought it was Cooper headbutting then diving :scream:


I was in section 303 row W …mayo must have had 80 percent of the lower cusack with the best seating areas bar a section in 306 ? Of Dubs

I think the Dublin season ticket holders were desperately rode for this final with the seating supplied


Myself, @dcr22B & @TheParish were in 305 and had dubs around us.

From the TV right at throw in you can see the colour divide and who got what sections. 301, 303 & 305 blue and 302, 304 & 306 red.

As both counties have the highest number of season ticket holders it was the only way they could split them “fairly”


Yeah except for Mayo got most of the rest of the ground …


307 onwards looks fairly red to me.


Does anyone know if there is a 360 degree photo of the All Ireland done by eir like other years ?


Yeah it was


As I thought … I’ve just counted the jerseys there and there are 12,158 wearing no clear colours. 48,968 are wearing Mayo colours and the remaining 21,117 are in Dublin colours. I wanted to be sure so I counted them twice. One guy in the Cusack has a half Dublin-Mayo jersey so I left him out.

Basically we represented 25% of the attendance … shocking …


Hardcore dubs might get a ticket for themselves but really it’s very difficult to find one for our kids also

Mayo get tickets for the whole family with ease

The distribution is awseways really that Mayo end up out numbering us

I remember meeting a San Fran based Mayo fan on a plane in early 2016 - he said he had come back for the 12 and 13 finals but was almost giving up comming back again - I wonder did he come back twice in 16 and once in 17 for same result - I bet he did for at least two of the games


In our home ground too :open_mouth:


There’s a Mayo fellow in the Hogan with two heads. Did you put him down as one or two ?


I put him down as two but divided that in half.


The vast majority of the lower cusack was Mayo, you can see it on the tv easily enough.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating though, as the team goes to the hill with sam and only the dubs are left you can see how few there were of us, even taking into account some leaving and others moving down towards the pitch. I have some pics on the phone I’ll try to get posted tomorrow (I’m off to the ploughing :sunglasses:)