All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


of all the people to bump into, i bumped into the lad in charge of GAA in south africa (i have no idea how GAA is south africa is organised). he said they got no tickets for the match, there are usually 4 sent down to them. they got 4 hurling tickets. had no idea why, or where they went. they could have gone to dublin, mayo, anywhere, but the point is that the GAA do not see any previous years allocations outside of the participating counties as sacrosanct.


All the Mayo fans I was around on the Hill were grand, not a bother on them and had great chats with them at HT. There was two incidents of people shouting at each other but being honest, from what I could see it was the Dubs being the aggressors but I could be completely wrong.
There was one warthog of a Dublin woman with an awful gob on her the whole match right in my ear. Think the yoke only knew Cluxton’s and Fenton’s names but by jaysus some of the things she said were ridiculous. I particularly liked her giving Dean Rock abuse and that he should be taken off frees after he missed the first one :smile:


Bit of trouble on the hill where I was. A few Derry guys the younger of whom was in a mayo top rowing with a couple of Dublin late arrivals blocking his view. Both groups containing morons. A Garda came up and sensibly handled it . The standing in the aisles is a big problem and the all Ireland is the worst for crowd control on the hill. Croker need to do something about the last minute tanked up mob. The bars are a bad idea , there should be no booze sold in stadiums.


I drank booze and didn’t hurt anyone or anyone’s feelings so why should I be punished for a couple of tools


Well fair point but it disrupts the whole spectacle I think. If you are in the stands people going in and out to the toilet more , late back into the seats for the second half. Fellas and ladies who had plenty before and who imo don t need any more blocking up the aisles obstructing views and generally making conditions uncomfortable for those who want to watch the match ( that’s why we are there ?).


Agree with that… Was in Cusack and as usual the last couple of 1st half minutes were a nightmare with pissheads hurrying to the bar, to beat the crowds at before the half-time whistle.


Maybe they were heading for the jacks (due to boozing before the game anyway )!
The queues for the toilets were massive, I couldn’t get in for a pee even after the game ended.


I hate it when Dublin fans abuse our own players. Dean Rock was also the target of one fool in 301 early on in the game. Of course he had to change his tune as the game went on.


I was right beside you so as I got stuck in between them as they went at each other. Those Derry lads were clowns in fairness, mouthing throughout the game in between trying to chat up the 2 mayo wimmin close by


Were you the bloke I hugged so at the final whistle so? I don t usually show affection to strange blokesd( or familiar ones for that matter) but as it was 3 in a row. Yeah that Derry fella was a gobshite but those Dublin lads were a bit dopey too. Best part was when the younger dub said calling him a baldy ■■■■ is not funny.


Hah, it’s a small world :+1:. Sorry for the man love, t’was emotional




Sweet jaysus the missus has banned me from going to the hill for good :blush: I ll have to control myself for 4 in a row so.


Aw shoot … There goes Brokeback Hill - The Second Coming


Well if this type of talk excites you I m sure there are websites to cater for you.


Was on the hill with my young lad, in corner beside god we were surrounded by mayo people. Thank god a few other dubs found us and we had out own pocket of resistance there. The banter was generally very good natured. The slagging dean rock got was unreal. The were shouting at deano and having a go early on… they weren’t slagging at the end.

In the final whistle I couldn’t believe how many had collapsed on the ground and we’re in years old as well as young. My god did they believe.

I got talking to a mayo lad who was a teacher and previously thought up in dublin. Had a great knowledge of the game and respect for dublin football. In the second half when we were 2 down I whispered to my young lad whatever happens if mayo win were going to shake their hand and wish them well. In the end in was the other way around.

For every loud mouth and fool that was screaming for mayo we have our own but at the end of it all of segregation came in it would ruin the uniqueness of a few match.

In a side note with minor gone will u17 final replace it on all ireland days. With the move to August it would be an opportunity to boost the allocation to just the participating counties.


Passion makes people react in different ways


Passion makes people react in different ways .


Ha Jaysus I was standing beside you’s too. I was the chap with the ropey looking bucket hat on. That carry on before the game was madness - two clowns asking for trouble but the Dublin fans didn’t cover themselves in glory either.


Didn’t see her at the final whistle, which was amazing considering how big and loud she is/was :wink:


died blond fatty? she was out of it from alcohol