All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


I’m curious as to how you know it’s their first game of the year?

Anyone I know who wanted to go was there


20k season tickets is a non runner straight away. Firstly half the grounds in the country couldn’t handle those sort of numbers for league games, which is what the season tickets is primarily about. Secondly, given the current allocation of tickets every year there is no way to find an extra 30k tickets to distribute (presuming 2 finalists with 15k more than at present).


Not the case for my friend who does a lot of work for his club & got tickets for the 4 finals before hand but was left with nothing this year . There was certainly something suspect this year regarding allocations & where tickets went exactly .


I was in the canal end and outside of game time I talked to and overheared numerous conversations of people who freely mentioned about the fact it was their first game. Maybe it was just coincidence or that area of the stadium. All anecdotal stuff of course, i didnt survey the 80k, but I doubt I’m alone in suggesting there was a sizable event crowd at the game.

Which is something I’ve no problem with, nobody is in a position to tell another what they can and cannot do over such things imo, but id maintain some of these tickets should find their way to Dublin and Mayo fans on oversubscribed schemes.


The non participating counties/Clubs getting so many tickets is a joke. As someone who played outside Dublin for many years I am always amazed watching the event brigade who don’t even bother going to their own counties games head up for the AI Final.


We were in 303 and I’d say there was a decent mix there, but you could see that it was more Mayo in 304-307 than Dubs. Jesus some of them are a nightmare though. I know its been 66 years, I know they really thought they were gonna win it, but fook sake lads, relax, jaysus. This lad, I would say mid to late 50s and his missus behind us. Every player that touched the ball she would squeal their full name, unless it was Aido, then she would just squeal go Aido!
When they got level 1-0 to 0-03, he grabbed both my shoulders and said, “jaysis, we have a game on here boys” I just turned and looked at him with a what the fook look. Me mate told him to calm down.
When they went 2 up before half time he jumped up to punch the air and clipped me in the back of the head. Not sore or anything, just plain rude. So I waited for him to sit down for the apology which never came and then advised him of his actions and the reaction that would follow if the incident was to re-occur. Didn’t hear much from him for the rest of the game. To be fiar they both put out their hands after the match and we shook

There was another lad beside us with his misses and 2 aul lads behind them, I would say in their 60’s did similar and hit the woman in the back of the head. He was a little more aggressive than I was and warned them, leaving no room for doubt what would happen if it were to continue. Didnt hear much from them for the resat of the match either!


More importantly , how was your view in 303 :joy::joy::joy:


Actually it was pretty good. Row L so close enough to the pitch. Only annoying thing was when they were attacking the Davin end, the whole stand would stand up so I was up and down like a yo yo. Nice and close to the bar though



In 301 and we had a lad about 6 rows in front of us from Mayo who was turning around and giving it socks to any Dub who made eye contact with him. Pumping the fists and shouting you’ll never bate Mayo, a few Dubs had words with him and someone in particular said something and he just stuck the tongue out and started shouting again. Either a lot of drink consumed or the elevator wasnt going to the top floor.

Someone obviously had a word with him after half time as he said nothing after that. All adds to the excitement IMO but there are some loons out there


Great bit of craic on the Hill. A young Mayo fan, most likely to have spent a bit of time in the Big Tree before hand, had a flag. He held the flag up after throw in before a few boos and shouts to take it down as he was blocking the view

In an effort to what I assume he thought to be him being funny, he continued to hold the flag up, now motionless. A more experienced Mayo fan behind him pulled the flag back, and proceeded to break the bamboo part

The young buck, now outraged that his elder had confiscated his flag and broken the bamboo part, turned around and proceeded to launch a tirade of abuse at the now holder of the flag, demanding it back. Unfortunately he had his back to Conns goal. And I don’t think he got his flag back either

So they’re not all bad :slight_smile:


I had a small elderly man beside me from Galway. He was up for Mayo though and had a very high pitched shrill voice. He was getting very excited and I was more worried for his ticker than anything so I said to him ‘take it easy there Michael D’.


Leo is that you :open_mouth:


I dont mind them having the craic and being overly excited, but when they start the stupid shit it gets annoying. Sure we are probably the same, but just more considerate not to be actually hitting off people. Well, I’d like to think a majority of us, which is probably the same for them?

Mayo lad in front of us wearing a blue and white shirt and the slacks! Surely he had a different colour shirt he could have worn!


Guy beside me had a broad London accent and was mad for Mayo … and beer. Though he told me his people were from Limerick during the second half! After 5 minutes he had already been in my ear 5/6 times about ‘frees’ Mayo should have got. I told him we could be having this conversation for the next 65+ minutes but we weren’t going to. He settled after that and was no bother - nor were the many Mayo people around me.


I remember that eejit in 301 - he turned around after each Mayo score trying to get a rise. I stared right through him but someone did eventually persuade him to stay down. I looked for him at the final whistle but he had disappeared very quickly!


think there are plenty of special cases from both sides that make it in on all ireland final day.
One Mayo lad kept shouting at cluxton everytime he was taking a kick out - 'where you going cluxton’
Few others around him were coming out with all sorts of shit - as i said early when Rock scored the free at half time i turned and roared into them - Que a bottle of water been emptied in our direction and tempers raised.

Had an old bloke beside me with the ‘dublin joe’ comment for every free. but he wasnt the worst


One brave SOAB to take you on big man :laughing:


my hill ticket, god, what a travel it made to my grubby dublin hands.

the man who gave it to me was a dub living in lucan, who wanted to get a stand ticket for his dad from mayo. i did the exchange. the hill ticket had come from mayo to this lad. how did it get to mayo? from thurles sarsfields.

the man in my club who has done trojan work for them (and his wife) and whose son won an all ireland in scor for them, and is on their minor football/hurling teams got a ticket in the end. not from the club. (“dont know where they went”) but, through a long line of connections to a corporate draw winner in dublin.

the whole system in a nutshell.


Unfortunately didn’t get ticket this year
i have been lucky i suppose over the years from mid 70s
Have thought in other recent years it helped being based outside Dublin as such a demand within Dublin clubs
I’ve got tickets in past from various non competing counties through contacts in local club in Wicklow they just didn’t seem to be available this year
Definitely more tickets found their way to Mayo


ha ha - i was 2 rows down so might have looked smaller - more so my mate and the chap beside him got the brunt of it as well as some old boy behind them - they needed to calm down big time , the smug little prick was laughing at us saying he had no water to throw and to F off to the hill ya scum bag and yer only second best.

there was some other big unit from mayo that was mouthing off at the same time but then he was saying sorry , shook his hand and then he was still trying to shake the hand , told him to sit the ■■■■ down as i wasn’t shaking his hand all day.

Pity i didn’t turn around again at full time - but such is life