All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Yes. I would’ve only got the back of his head from my seat in the AC.


Got off the train at 1oc in Heuston/Kingsbridge.

The place was like a plague of red & green locusts had descended on the from the skies, Mayo folk everywhere. Ran to taxi rank, long queue and all Mayo , legged it to Parkgate St and got free taxi there - all the way to Drumcondra, and I have never seen such a crowd, I would know Dorset St and Drumcondra very well, you could not move on Grattan Parade, beside Mc Graths. The Gardai I saw were having a lovely time chatting to all and sundry - crowd control ??

Got to Kingsbridge for return trip and everywhere was full - sit on the ground time and ate your sangers …

Thankfully Marks & Spencers have opened an outlet so I was able to get me organic fruit & veg…


Kingsbridge??? You’ve been down south with them Royal loving people for far too long …

Are you near Cobh … dubinqueenstown …,


The GAA really need to look at ways of ensuring that tickets distributed to clubs around the counties are actually used by members of those clubs and not just traded to randomers


Kingsbridge for the Sthsiders on here, @Dub09, Cobh ? No tanks, there’s a mahoosive Garda Station there , for a good reason


Amazed how much we were outnumbered, I have never seen anything like it, we were in 301 in Cusack and that was mostly Dubs but rest of stand seemed to be all Mayo with exception of 304/305. Amazing how Mayo managed to get so many


See Des Cahills photo on twitter, easily outnumbered 3-1 by Mayo fans, not including the neutrals cheering for Mayo. It needs to be looked at big time, when its meant to be a 50.50 allocation split how can they end up with more?

Was sitting in the Hogan, lots of suit w@nkers blow ins.


I’m getting really tired of this debate.

Where does it say the allocation is fifty/fifty?

The allocation of tickets for the AI Final is totally transparent. What counties and clubs choose to do with their tickets is their business unless they’re touting them. I’ve been at a fair few hurling finals under this system because Dublin get some tickets for every hurling final. I am very grateful to have been able to go and what’s more as someone who has put the time in I think if I want to go then there should at least be an option there, which there is when every county gets some tickets.

Some people won’t be happy until they have personally approved all 82,300 attendees and given them their imprimatur.


Bollocks… I’ll need to look that one up in the dictionary.


Benefits of a Catholic education dear boy :grimacing::grimacing:


Yes … that’s very clear on another thread …


I’m not tired of it.

The allocation of the 2 finalist is meant to be 50/50. And mybe it was but I still don’t understand how there was 3 to 1 for Mayo.


It is not meant to be 50 : 50. Each county got an equal allocation but the allocation was not 50% of the tickets to be distributed.


Yeah I know. Tickets allocated to competing counties is 50/50.

But I still don’t understand how Mayo fans outnumber Dublin fans 3 to 1.

Obviously lots of swaps and buying and selling etc but that many?


Did anyone manage to nab a ticket on the day?


Ah. I’m being no platformed now for asking questions about someone who doesn’t share the same cultural values.

There’s your problem right there.

I’m not religious at all by the way.


I don’t think I have a problem here at all …


I respect your opinion but I get the impression from your line of posting on this topic you feel the current situation re tickets is fine. In my view it isn’t fine when you have quite a lot of non GAA affiliated people only at their 1st game this year through whatever means they get tickets and getting in ahead of regular fans who can’t get on over subscribed schemes. Widen the schemes within reason and I think the debate will go away. I reckon the support base is low enough to do it.


Ha, no platformed!


We should have at least 20 k season ticket holders, but at the end of the day ,GAA don’t give a flying so long as croke park sells out on final day .