All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Still available? Have lower hogan and looking for hill


Still haven’t secured a ticket. If anyone has or hears you might PM me? Thanks lads


Still going?


Lads let down on a ticket. Any ressers who might have one keep me in mind. Much obliged


Have a Hill ticket looking to swap for Hogan/Cusack stand (Lower preferably). Willing to pay the difference.


Have a Hill ticket and looking to swap for Hogan/Cusack stand ticket. Preferably lower. Happy to pay the difference.

Thanks and fingers crossed that tickets turn up to those who have yet to get one.


I have a hill, I’m looking for Hogan if you still have D13?


Still nothing :disappointed_relieved: If any of you hear of one going would appreciate a shout. Mhaith sibh


Long shot I know, but ive been let down last minute If anyone has a to ticket to sell


A lot in Town, O’Connell St, around Croker with placards searching for tickets. Serious scarcity. Pub for me now.


Lads I’ve an upper davin looking to swap for a hill and the difference


Spare Hill ticket available; will be around Ballybough at 2.45 if anyone interested


Just pmed you, probably too late, but …


Got pm, thanks. Ticket spoken for now!


I know a lot on here feel today is the GAA’s big day and not just about the counties involved and I agree, but if it turns out that Mayo greatly outnumber Dublin today, it has to be asked is there not a better way, I mean what is the point in giving tickets to counties that are just sending them onto one of the counties involved, If that is what is happening well, surely it would be better for the GAA to give them directly to the counties involved at least that way both would get a fair share.


Swopped me Cusack for a hill + difference off some mayo lad. Went to walk through, scanned twice as invalid before it was accepted. I had a little wee wee accident.

Up the dubs


I’d say the split yesterday was nearly 70:30. The ticket allocation system is really loaded against the Dubs in that most counties always seem to give their allocation to ABD. It’s not a problem v Kerry as they don’t support their lads.


The only ones who really matter are those who go in spring who can’t get season tickets. The dedicated support base is low enough to keep everybody who is committed happy.


Took this more or less blind and just realised Clucko is lifting Sam in the big screen in the background. What do you make of that David Bailey?!


You made your way up there very quickly from the AC?