All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Jaysus Alan were you born in Derrynane House?!

I’d tend to agree. Where are all these people in spring time?


What was that Phelo /Parish?


The Kilmacud 7s was always a good place to pick up a ticket.


… is what you meant.


RTÉ televising up for the match


Agree with this. It’s the same in our club.


Never understand why not a public draw in the in a club for all eligible members .

Can be a good revenue stream too if planned right .


Hi lads, I’ve two nally tickets that I’m trying to swap for two seated tickets if anyone is interested.


are many clubs charging a 5 euro “handling” fee or levy ???


Jaysus hardly, I’ve never heard of any club doing it


Have two Hill and am looking to swap for a pair of stand tickets (plus the difference) if anyone is interested. Cheers


In Mayo clubs are charging an additional €10 per ticket (irrespective of what type ticket). If they want to buy an additional 20 tickets from the board they must pay €2,000 plus the ticket price.

So if anyone is offered a ticket from a Mayo source at face value, do not be surprised if face value is €90 and €50!!!


Rugby clubs do this a lot for international tickets


I would have agreed with you once dub_in_exile but I’ve come round to the idea that people from counties that will never contest an All-Ireland, and indeed those from counties who might contest one, have a right to go and watch the All-Ireland final too.

Tickets for replays should be treated like tickets for semi-finals though, bulk of them to the 2 counties involved.


I presume you’re looking for 2 stand together but, if not, I’ve one Upper Cusack I’m looking to swap for a hill.


Yep, looking for two together, a tough ask I know


i know of one doing it openly, wondering if anyone else is doing same


Clubs got a 2nd allocation this morning I believe


thats a good sign some counites are not giving their tickets to mayo



I have two Upper level Cusack (723) seated together if you want to swap.

Cheers Liamo