All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


no but there were also tickets in meaghers and behind in the drinking area, however judging by the lack of dublin tickets that may not be a great option.
The reason for the gresham is that neutrals that come up usually have two and maybe the wife wants to go shopping and the husband goes to the match etc.


Would agree with that. There’s big interest from the neutral supporter in this one, so not as many tickets coming free. Two Dubs working with me have got their final tickets from rural connections over the last few years and both have heard that the original owners want to see the game.


In Meaghers before the 2015 final there were a fair few floating around, mainly from lads from Ulster clubs


agree ralph


Doubtful you’d get many spares there - Mayo folk would be looking to look after there own


Loads of spares in Heuston … f**k all tickets tho’ …


Surprising the amount of non-Dubs I have spoken to who want Dublin to do the 3 in a row as much they do want to see Mayo get over the line. Vast majority want Mayo to win but there is a fair bit of respect out there for this Dublin team and people do want to see them play.


Could well be!


I see Raheny held back four of the stand tickets they were allocated and are running a draw. Must be short of a few bob.


Never heard of Heuston as a likely source for tickets.

Think hitting the boozers in town on Saturday is the best bet this year judging by the amount of Dubs left swinging.


Nope they didn’t.

They held back 2 which was agreed months ago. The other two came from the Senior hurling management who were lucky to be drawn from the club draw and are raffling them to raise funds for the team.

We need every euro we can get to develop the club, we couldn’t afford to be paying mileage from Monaghan a couple of times a week :wink: So need to do as much fundraising as possible. The winners of the draw will more than likely be club members who will get two tickets for a fiver.


i assume you ll get a few bob tonight, thats a good catch for your club


Off RTÉ?




No not at all, just a small segment.


thought it was more talking last night with some of the lads, still good profile for the club there


Mate rang me today . Bloke offered him a premium ticket for €300 .Another guy offered a Hogan stand ticket for €200.


Personally don’t understand why tickets need to go to any county not involved especially when it deprives a Dublin, Mayo, Kerry or Derry fan from getting one. You can watch it on telly and let people with a proper vested interest experience the moment.


Because, whether you like it or not, the All Ireland final always has, and always will be a day for all Irish people and not just for the teams involved!


Hear, hear. Getting tired of this discussion now. The AI does not belong solely to the two teams involved. It belongs to the nation.