All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Every senior player?? Thats mental. Even if you are sub? Got one or 2 runs when they were short? What about the 45 year old lad still playing junior but has played adult football for the club all his life?

Also, I dont think every player on our senior team would even go if they were offered tickets


Ballymun exact same although the draw is tomorrow night. Fairest way possible but this year there will be a lot of disappointed people.


Thought Rochey said he didn’t come out of the draw? Or maybe he just knows the result before it takes place …


Yeah all senior team players including subs. It involves them having to sell a 50 euro book of raffle tickets for club and county fundraising efforts. I don’t begrudge them. Squad is small enough anyway.


No he said he hadn’t got a ticket yet. He’s as much chance as everyone else who applied


All I have is hope!




I heard he does the heated balls trick …


Your wife tells you everything!


Sweaty Balls more like with Rochey


it was a very short conversation … punctuated by much laughter …


She is very ticklish in fairness


200km cycles do that to you!


more enjoyable ways of getting them than 200k cycles


I don’t really have an issue with certain people in the club being given tickets, just don’t lie about it and pretend they came out in a draw :roll_eyes: Whole bloody families came out in our draw… what are the chances


gresham hotel match day- you will get tickets


Even for a match with such high demand as this?? Still early yet but the amount of people I have heard looking for tickets seems bigger than usual


im not saying there is a convayor belt but there are always some


Starting to think we are with the same club!


Anyone ever tried Heuston station on morning of all ireland final? Not sure if to head there or the gresham if i am still stuck by then