All Ireland Final Tickets Thread


Watch him, he’s a Dublin rogue, he’ll leave you with a nine month hangover.


You just got to love the Dublin wit but who’ll have the last laugh :clown_face:


Who knows … :joy:


Is Clearys clock still around


Yeah the face was definitely round …


You don’t want to end up like this lad!


I’d say his jocks took two washes


That look on his face is shock not fear, he’s just after seeing the best team Dublin have ever produced only score 5 points from play and needing two Mayo own goals for a draw, he can’t believe it. :astonished: All the Dublin fans knew they had just got out of jail :cowboy_hat_face:(Cowboys Ted, they’re all cowboys). 4 more sleeps.


The heads on the two hooks either side of him, no wonder he’s a tad nervous.


Lads, on the lookout for a ticket, had no luck in either the ref’s draw or my club draw. If anyone could help me out that would be great. I’ll be heading into town Sunday anyway on the hope of picking up a ticket on the day too.


lads i have 1 x ticket for the Hill, looking to swap for seating. let me know if anyone is interested, strictly swap


presume you mean swap plus the difference




Looking for one anywhere in the stadium lads and ladies. No joy in club draw and best I can hope for i reckon at this stage is an early morning trip to Heuston station on Sunday morning!

Any help at all much appreciated


Paudi 1 I have an upper Cusak 707(Halfway line) Row J I am looking to swap for a Hill ticket. PM Me


Question for yas, how do your clubs conduct the allocation for tickets? In my club it is a “draw” which is done behind closed doors by a “specially formulated sub-committee” and the last three years the names out of the draw have been almost identical… Any other clubs insult their members intelligence like this orrrr?


My club is the same. ''Sub-committee of the executive committee.

First game last year, the replay, and this year again - identical


Ours was an open draw In the club bar, bout 200 there, bout 50 or 60 names called out.


Our club does an open draw, tonight I think. Names against numbers, numbers drawn, you have to be there or have a representative there to collect them for you. Very fair system IMO. Oh and you have to have been a fully paid up member by a certain date earlier in the year


Every senior player and all club officials, managers etc get a ticket. There is a draw tonight for approx 140 adult members only - 70 tickets raffled so 50/50 chance. There may be more tickets closer to Sunday. All our players received Hill tickets.