All Ireland Club Hurling


Mine is also available if anyone wants it


… posts this week.


I’d presume he’s sorted as most players look after their parents :roll_eyes:


Heading in to the games with the 2 chislers if anyone has 3 tickets they are not using.


Is it if you have the hurling season tickets that you will get tickets for “free” for this ?
Just had a look at my football one & the offer is to purchase.


The ‘purchase’ price is zero though


Ah grand , well I’ve two now so . I’m going to Galway so if someone wants two for Cussack pm me .


Mine is gone now



How did Ronan Lynch make that team ??? I see John Kiely shares my opinion of him , gone back so much


6 each for the finalists. Fair enough but wouldn’tve happened if Cualá had lost.


COngrats to Sean Moran


Great achievement and well deserved by Moran and all the Cuala players, as well as all players who got the awards. Great Idea to have Club player awards sponsored by AIB. It will improve the status of Club Hurling.


Incredible year for him. Really has been a find and he saved them the first day. Looking forward to seeing him in blue this year.


He was in Blue last year but I didn’t think he was great. We will know soon enough anyway if he’s up to inter-county. Great award to get no doubt, Con got it last year didn’t he? So Cuala back to back Player of the Year in Club.


Didn’t get much of s chance to adapt. Won’t get a whole lot more time this year either.


It’s stunning to think that we have no clue what team we will field in the championship!