All Ireland Club Hurling


You don’t think you’re knocking Cuala in any way? Have a read of your post again abc


According to this - - Cuala also broke the record for highest score in the AI club hurling championship run.


Completely agree! It’s a fantastic achievement, and all on this site should celebrate it without all the over-analysis. Let’s hope the injection from Cuala can lift the county team too, not that they have been doing badly for such a young team.


Explain to me where I knocked cualas achievement please. And where is the “negative shite” ? Quote me and explain it to me. I paid cuala the highest respect by saying from the off that they are the most professional squad in Dublin. I then set out to explain how they approach games off the pitch,an approach that no team in Dublin has countered btw. Having seen all their games this season I reckoned cuala were better tested in the Dublin championship. In response to the lone rangers view that cualas talent is better than bodens in their pomp,I made the point that boden was winning Dublin championships at the time when there were 2 of the greatest club teams in history contesting the lenister championship and all Ireland series, ballyhale and portumna. I also said that teams of that calibre don’t seem to be around atm. If lads on here feel that the above is in anyway having a go at cuala you are either very thin skinned or you cant take a compliment. So if anyone truly has a problem,find the lines that offend you,quote them,give me your reasons and ill get back to you. And ,not you ciotog,but will some of you try to keep emotion out of it in your reply’s,if any,and debate rationally.


One day you and Bart will wake up and realise there is more to life than trying to force your points of opinion down other people’s throats. Not everyone could be arsed over analysing every second line typed on here.

The sun was shining today. Smile!


A Dublin club just won an All Ireland hurling title for the 1st time ever! Smile! Fixed that for bongoslaw! :slight_smile:


What a bunch off owlones, fair play Cuala great achievement I hope you’s are still on the drink cause Ino I would. Dublin championship should be interesting this year.


Maybe you can reference where I forced my opinion down anyone’s throat
You should look closer to home when trying to reinforce your own bullshit down people’s throats

Smile the moon is out !


With all respect Bart, you are the prime candidate of forcing your opinion down throats, practically the majority of your posts are! If you don’t recognise that, I’m afraid we’re back to mars vs Venus again!!!

Dubs hurling presently is hugely divisive, so no surprises it’s the same here.


And there I was thinking this thread was all about lauding Cuala’s fantastic All Ireland victory.

Let’s leave all the other shite behind please


Their achievement should never be overshadowed by some of the crap spouted in here. It’s why I suggested leaving all other talk to other threads. What Cuala have achieved in both codes over the last 10-15 years is phenomenal.


I watched the match in Croker but rewatched it last night at home. Cuala were miles better both in terms of skill levels and physical preparation. Very deserving winners.


Cuala deserve immense praise for the manner in which they conducted themselves over the course of the championship. Their fans were also excellent, looking at Twitter, the pictures of 2,500 people walking down through Dalkey was a great GAA sight.
The tactics of O’Loughlins, Slaghtneil and Ballyea; trying to physically dominate Cuala, failed. Cuala didn’t overreact, they just got on with winning each game.
Cuala have speed in most positions and use it to shutdown opposition and slowly break them. Their skill level is close to county standards, will they ever have such a squad and management set-up ever again?
Cuala however, would have appear to have major underage coaching issues; most of their underage hurling teams are playing in division 2 or 3.


Agree 100%


I don’t actually Rochey . I just don’t follow the party line or the GAA form of the Gerry Thornley analysis here

The view of the 10 percent has never sat well here. And a thread is being ruined now by a poster who made reference to someone else who was never part of the conversation to what he was referring to in the first place !!

So when he talks about forcing opinions . Perhaps he should look at not starting useless extraneous debates which are worded to get a reaction on threads where a Dublin team has actually won something and ruining the whole thread for everyone else !


Well done Cuala… lest that’s forgotten.


More sad news in Cuala to-day with the news of the death of Jimmy Doyle. Jimmy was a larger than life character whose passion for hurling was infectious. Jimmy seved as club president and was the senior hurling manager during our previous golden era. Anyone who ever heard Jimmy sing after a championship win will never forget it, Cool Clear Water was belted out to an otherwise silent room 'till the chorus, when the roof would be lifted. RIP Jimmy.


Any Cuala folk on here looking for a ticket for the match?

I won’t be heading in so can send on my ticket from my season ticket


Have you tried @Chuck

Massive Cuala fan


ah where is chukky, you’d miss his dose of madness.