All Ireland Club Hurling


I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a curious contract to the reviews of the Dublin championship on here last year, where pretty much every match was described as being poor quality by someone.


Northside the stronghold of rugby … Southside for hurling … :flushed:


Was an honour to sit in Crokes park yesterday and witness a Dublin hurling side land an all ireland and in such convincing fashion. Cuala by far the better side.

Look this is about Cuala and their area around Glasthule the Noggin Dun laoghaire and dalkey but by Jaysus lads you also done the entire county proud. You represented every hurler from every club past and present yesterdday and showed the country what we have to offer.

It’s up now to every club to rise to Cualas level and no reason it can’t happen.

Well done Cuala on bringing hopefully the first of many all irelands to Dublin. I salute you.


There wasn’t much to suggest Cuala would hit the heights they did. I wouldn’t undestimate Con’s influence either. He makes the team tick. Gas how he was playing 3rd tier hurling the year before wehn he got 1-12 in the intermediate final against us:grin:

He’s the best corner forward I think I’ve seen come out of the county.


How many Cuala lads are due to return to inter county panel ? Surely this win will perk up the hurlers too .


Go on the Cuala !!
Fairplay to Cuala. Convincing all Ireland champions. Congrats to all from Cuala.
Con is some loss to the county hurlers.


Congratulations Cuala. Super achievement for a club that put in years of hard work in the underage development of the players. The likes of crokes,boden will have to ask some serious questions now. Great thing is the championship is coming around the bend again and the excitement will be hitting fever pitch. Con missing by the looks of things so any club fancies their chances you gotta get them early. Roll on the champo.


Don’t think you can say that cuala winning the all ireland means that the Dublin senior championship is the best championship in the country.
Birr in offaly won 4 all ireland and the offaly championship is very poor. Same with Loughgeill winning all ireland from a Antrim championship. Antrim hurling is poor. Cuala are a brilliant team who have won the championship on their own merits. I think teams can come through a poor standard in their own county to be the best in the country. But having said that Dublin clubs are much stronger now than before and hopefully if cuala are dethroned in Dublin that the winners go on the repeat what cuala did in 2017


I dont think anyone was saying that because Cuala won the AI that makes dublin the best championship. But their toughest games were in dublin, which suggests maybe the standard in dublin is not that poor. But as pointed out above, Con only became involved later in the year and the game plan they have devised with him as the fulcrum of the attack is very, very effective so if he’d be in the mix all though Dublin the picture might look different.


Cuala have the most professional set up in Dublin . That’s why they got thru the tight games at the tail end of the Dublin championship. From little things like encroaching on the opponents half of the field in the warm up,to having men positioned all over the field well versed in verbal encouragement and reinforcing the game plan. Things that might seem trivial have a smothering,subconsciously draining effect on the opposition,that they feel like they are playing in a fish bowl. The accumulative effect is most obvious in the closing stages of games,when the pressure is greatest. For any team to have any success against this cuala team,they have to be prepared to take them on off the field as well as on it. Its something I’ve noticed the last two seasons and its very reminiscent of bodens set up when they were in their pomp. Cuala,like boden in the past,turn up. They take over both sides of the pitch. They have more than one runner who comes onto the field during play. They have more than the permitted number of mentors on the line during games.
They push the envelope to get every possible advantage. And that’s even before you talk about the team. The challenge is there now for everyone to meet head on. Will be interesting to see who rises to the challenge,if anybody.


Boden never had anything like Cualas quality though


It may take him longer to become a regular starter in football than it would in hurling but firmly believe he will be Dublin’s best football forward in the future. .


Another credit to Cuala is that they didn’t go away and lick their wounds after last year but learned from it and built on it.


That’s an interesting subject. There were some truly great club sides around during bodens time unfortunately for them. If you compare cualas opponents in the final,and the run to the final, to the likes of portumna and ballyhale shamrocks of 10 years ago,id say most reasonable people would conclude that the competition was a lot harder to win in bodens time than at the moment. Throw in the Dublin championship giving cuala its toughest games this season,id say the jury is on hold regarding the teams. If cuala win 4 out of the next 5 senior Dublin titles you’d probably be right in your assumption. The cuala team is only in its embryonic stages so lets see what they end up with. Don’t forget that a disjointed,shot,old and washed up boden team took cuala to extra time in the championship a few months ago.interesting times ahead.


Hmm. Not so sure I’d agree there . Boden lost to some very average teams as well in leinster


Ah for fook sake, you could have at least let us enjoy it for the weekend. We’ve too many mentors, too many runners, don’t let the opposition warm up and now we only had to beat shite to win it. I give up. The biggest win for Dublin hurling in most of our life times and before the weekend is even over this shite starts.


A nation of begrudgers! Enjoy it as much as your namesake … which means plenty as you well know :wink:!!!


By all means enjoy it. Its an incredible achievement. I was having a side chat with the lone ranger about his view on the boden team that started winning titles 10 years ago. I don’t think anyone is knocking cuala in any way. Its also been pointed out that cuala are the most professional outfit in the county so I cant see where your pain is coming from. No begrudging here. It was pointed out that the calibre of ballyhale or portumna of 10 years ago don’t exist today either. I never mentioned you guys beating “shite” to win it. Any team can only beat what’s in front of them so well done. Your on top looking down so a little discussion like this shouldn’t upset you like this,should it ?


True. Some shocking results tbf.


Indeed. A time for good vibes, not this negative shite.