All Ireland Club Hurling


Well done Cuala. I was bursting with pride as a Dub there today so can only imagine what the Cuala folk felt like. Enjoy your night/week.


Many congrats to all at Cuala, a great achievement for your club, and for your players to have withstood so much physicality with little help from the ref. Enjoy it lads and lasses, there won’t be a frappucino milked in Dalvey tonight!


GAA big in Jamaica, 'innit?


That wasn’t physicality, it was dirt


Con O’Callaghan following proud family tradition

Well done cuala , as for con O’Callaghan to give up a certain start in first 15 in hurling for dubs and take his chances with the footballers is a huge risk for him IMO .He is out with the 21s next wed, and i presume will be back training with the senior footballers as well .If he is not in the first 6 subs on when champion starts ,it -and he has some serious competition ahead of him- it will be a waste of his time .
The worry is he ends up like Aidan Walsh of cork jumping between football and hurling and not sure what his best one is


Nothing much to say only, a big WELL DONE! An example to be followed, hard work pays off and it is clear there was plenty put in.


Thats a distinct possibility. But if he’s good enough ( footballers ) & Jim trusts him it may work out for him . Its easy to see why the proposition of joining the footballers is more enticing with so much going on with the hurlers , and not in a good way .


Thought we weren’t talking about that . A Dublin club just won an all ireland title and I guarantee you some posters will do their best to make it a negative !


Apologies , didn’t mean to take things off track on a wonderful day for Cuala :blush:, just an observation that’s all !


Another step on the road for dublin hurling… Really do hope now that next few years see us really progressing…


Strange that RTÉ showed two clear cases of punches being thrown into cuala players and didn’t mention it. If they’re going to let carry on like that go, fair enough, but they need to be consistent.


It’s a long time since Dublin hammered Munster opposition in championship hurling

Traditionally we’ve been viewed as “too soft”


Yea, seemed as if they thought they could rough cuala up. It was brilliant the way cuala just got on with it and didn’t do anything silly in response.

Would be curious to see the results of their run again, would it be fair to say they had tougher games in Dublin than outside it?


Cuala: S Brennan; P Schutte, Cian O’Callaghan, S Timlin; O Gough; S Moran, J Malone (1-0); J Sheanon (0-1); D O’Connell (0-3); D Treacy (0-9, 8f) C Cronin (1-1), S Treacy, C Waldron, Con O’Callaghan (0-2), M Schutte (0-1. Subs: C Sheanon (0-2) for Waldron 47m; R Tierney for Timlin 61m; N Kenny for Cronin 63m.


Cuala 2-19 Ballyea 1-10
Cuala 3-21 Slaughtneil 2-11
Cuala 3-19 O’Loughlin Gaels 1-16
Cuala 1-19 St Mullins 1-07
Cuala 1-15 Kilmacud Crokes 0-15
Cuala 0-13 Lucan 0-7
Cuala 1-19 Ballyboden 1-14 (aet)
Cuala 0-18 Vincent’s 1-7
Cuala 2-12 Kilmacud Crokes 0-18

Missing a few results


The games against Crokes and Ballyboden were the tightest games we had alright with both drawing with us, after Dublin we got Con into the team and his influence can’t be overestimated, he just terrifies teams.


Yep even the kilkenny lads have commented on how good he is. Have to say i never saw it at underage level for Dublin at hurling. A fantastic hurler…


Must be the biggest winning scorelines any team ever had en route to winning it. There can be no dispute that they are the best club team in the country. It’s hard to see what could change for next year, other teams have to make up a 10 point gap really


Getting out of Dublin might be the problem …


Suddenly Dublin is the best championship in the country .
Our eight point loss doesn’t look so bad now.

I dont think we should underestimate how the rivalry with Crokes and Boden especially has driven Cuala to where they are today.

This triangular rivalry will drive Dublin hurling to ts ultimate goal and its now up to the other clubs including my own to get up to the top table in Dublin.

Cuala were tremendous yesterday and it was a joy to see our country cousins completely outclassed in the end. Ballyhea got what they deserved and I thought they played with a nasty streak throughout . Well done Cuala