All Ireland Club Hurling


A kidney punch is not even a yellow?? Disgraceful officiating!


He needs to start stamping it out. They have got away with nasty strokes thus far.


The usual, Dubs V 16 men


Hopefully they rise above that shite, sublime skills by Con there. Unlucky not to raise a flag. Come on Cuala!


That was a shocking decision. Absolutely terrible how now official saw that is mind boggling


And we’ll see what happens as soon as a Dirty Dub tries something. F*cking shocking.


How unlucky was that. They’re the better team if they just keep at it!!


Twice that number 2 has given digs off the ball

Cuala bringing great intensity to the game.


these ballyea lads will keep coming back…goals in it for cuala


Ref needs to start dishing out cards, these lads are filthy


there again after o connel shoulder your man…


There’s no hurling in that Ballyea defence. Nothing but hatchet men. Disgraceful to think that all they can bring to the contest is dirty strokes and off the ball dirt. Hope Cuala keep the heads and hurl them out of it.


My sentiments exactly, and the referee has had it brought to his attention by his umpires and he dishes out verbal warnings. Absolutely scandalous refereeing. Come on Cuala!!!


Much the better team in that half. Keep it up cuala!


In fairness, the Ballyea lads are amateurs representing their parish. They should be allowed a little leeway. Well, at least that’s what the referee must be thinking.


There’s another goal or two in that Cuala forward line too. Defenders are playing out of their skins and giving the Ballyea sharpshooters nothing.


Good half, bit nervous to start but settled and have brought all the intensity and hurling. All Cualas big players standing up. Ballyea only interested in mullicking. Couple of late dirty strokes there the ref should’ve dished out a couple of more cards.
Same again and history will be made.


Good start to second half. Cmon Cuala.


Fook off ref


Some amount of hatchet men.

Cuala just need to keep their discipline and keep the intensity up. There’s more goals in it for them too