All Ireland Club Hurling


I donated my season pass tickets to some kids in Cuala. Anyone with a season ticket gets free tickets for the final, so if you’re not using them think about posting them here for Cuala heads to use.


I can pass on my season ticket ticket aswell if anyone wants it. Send me a PM with email address and I will send it on


Same with me !!


Lads, if you want to bang on the PDFs from the ‘Special Purchase’ section of the season ticket site to my email I’ll pass to them on to some of the Cuala folk who are bringing gaggles of kids and teens to it.


Fair play lads donating the tickets!

Anyone tell me what the “Ultras” thing is? Is it a nickname for the Cuala fans or is it an actual group? Like a Cuala fan club?


@bongoslaw mine are there too


Its the youngsters from Cuala.

They also call themselves Cultras.

Their aul’ bridage are known as Aultras :slight_smile:


Fairplay to you bongoslaw.


Tá mé fhéin, Izzy agus cúpla Ultras ag dul go dtí Ardán Uí Chíosóig… suíocháin 306. Má tá tú timpeall … b’fhéidir deoch?


My ticket is gone now.



Thanks @whatever and @dcr22b. The Cuala mammy with the 6 kids is delighted!


If you are using PC then it will become easy


Really looking forward to this now


That looks great… I’ll try to view that later with sound.
Really hoping Cuala can pull it off now.


Great little video.

Best of luck to all involved!



Best of luck tomorrow to all the Cuala lads on here and the whole club in general. Days like this don’t come around often so hope it’s enjoyed by all.


Best of luck to Cuala – judging by the interviews, they seem a great group of lads and are representing their parish (or is it riveria :slight_smile: ) and county brilliantly – Ironically they probably have more sets of brothers and cousinson the panel than Ballyhea have – hope Cuala do it


Best wishes to Cuala - hope ye bring it home lads.