All Ireland Club Hurling


Really looking forward to this one - how is Paul Schutte? It’d be huge to have him back.


Would be massive for Cuala to have him back.
This has the makings of a terrific game. Not much between them either way for me. Let’s hope Cuala do it.


All should be fine with Paul. There is no word of anything though coming out of the group, it’s as if they’ve taken advice from Jim Gavin. It was a shock to most that Paul missed the semi as word of his injury had been kept in-house.


As regards the whole “ultras” thing, this has become a huge thing for the juveniles in the club as it gives them a real sense of involvement in the build up. The club have managed to get a Dart laid on to bring them all from Dalkey to Connolly, non stop, with the main street closed to allow them to march en masse from the club house to the station.


That sounds brilliant. Fair play fella. Best of luck. The build up is nerve wracking but something the club will never ever forget. Up the Dub club!


Ah it looks like good craic for the younglads alright - totally different atmosphere which is great.


Fairplay. You’ll have some posse walking up from Connolly. There should be a great buzz among the Cuala fans that day. The excitement on the day last year when our lads took the football was incredible. However I’m a hurling man and I’d swap it for a hurling one any day of the week.
As regard the ‘ultras’. A lot of people I know hate seeing this sort of stuff in our game. However I really like it at club level. Really shows the excitement involved in the club AI series. They’re young fellas having a bit of craic and supporting their team and where they’re from. They bring a bit of atmosphere and colour to the game.


I haven’t seen any negative press re the Ultras. Has there been? FWIW I think it’s fantastic


I’m afraid of the Meath Ultras …


Agree 100% with this. If it was a bunch of fat ass 40 year olds taking stuff to seriously, it’d be tragic but it’s just a bunch of young fellas having the craic.


2 Ballyea players starting for Clare u21 footballers against Kerry tonight


And no Crokes lads playing for Kerry.


Club comes first.

Whoever came up with that line really doesn’t get the current GAA model.


All this cross over shouldn’t be an option


The Nobberigines?


Just heard the 1st Dart is full, holds 1200…Unbelievable what Cuala have and will do for Dublin Hurling. I’ll certainly be there to support them. Hope more will too…


The tickets for the Dart were sold in 15 mins, there were also about 3000 match tickets sold in the club last night. If only getting All Ireland final tickets was always as easy.


Second DART being laid on. Fair play to them.


The second DART is great as many of the kids didn’t get tickets for the first one. The mood around the club has dipped a little over the past couple of days with the news of the passing of Pete ‘the butcher’ Dunne. Peter has been a huge part of the club since the 70’s, he was a major figure in the clubs formation. His son Adrian is our club chairman and his other son Derek was our football manager when we won the intermediate championship and gained promotion to AFL1. Anyone in Dublin who ever encountered Cuala in football competitions from the 70’s to the '00 would have come into contact with Peter, either on the pitch or sideline. Pete was a giant of a man, both physically and personality wise, and will be sadly missed by all in the club. R.I.P. butcher.


RIP - and so soon after John Hennessy