All Ireland Club Hurling


They will be hard beat but Cuala seem to be scoring goals.

Any team with Con in it with his form have a great chance especially in the spaces of Croke Park


There’s no doubt that Ballyea will be hard to beat but this Cuala team are no push over either, there’s goals in this team and not just from Con, it would be a huge mistake for any team to think that if you can stop Con then that’s Cuala stopped.


I agree and it’s the big difference compared to other Dublin teams that have gone before in this competition and also the Senior county side is that Cuala can score and create goals.


I’d love to see mattie kenny involved with the senior county team


I wouldn’t.:wink:


Congrats to Cuala on reaching the final, job well done. Great day ahead, massive challenge, will take a great performance to pull it off


BALLYHEA is a meidocre club in Cork. BALLYEA is a very good club in Clare


Any idea at what stage of tonight’s 21 football game that Con OCallaghan was subbed?


SCORERS - Dublin: A Byrne 2-3, C O’Callaghan 0-5 (4f), C Basquel 0-2, C Murphy, G O’Reilly, E Murchan, C Sallier 0-1 each. Westmeath: D Giles 0-2 (1f), D Conway, R O’Toole, N Mitchell (f), C Shanley 0-1 each.

DUBLIN: E Comerford; D Byrne, S McMahon, S Clayton; C Murphy, C O’Shea, E Murchan; B Howard, A Foley; T Fox, S Bugler, G O’Reilly; A Byrne, C O’Callaghan, S Smith. Subs: C Basquel for Bugler (ht), C Sallier for Smith (39), D Gavin for O’Reilly (48), B Sholvin for Fox (57), D McIllgorm for O’Callaghan (60).
WESTMEATH: K Fagan; M Darling, R Wallace, P Murray; D Conway, M Kelly, B Sayeh; N Mitchell, L O’Reilly; E O’Brien, S Duncan, J Kearney; R O’Toole, S Clavin, D Giles. Subs: I McGovern for Conway (ht), C Shanley for O’Brien (ht), G Murray for Kearney (39), C Dillon for Kelly (39), T Adamson for O’Toole (51), R Curley for Clavin (51).


Thanks for that.

U21 is 60 minutes long isn’t it? So with the game won early in they couldn’t see it to take off a lad with an all ireland club final coming up until the last few seconds plus injury time.

Poor form from Farrell and his selectors. Sums up Dublin GAA though. Interesting to see if they even attempt naming him for the next game on the 15th of March


Bit of a sweeping generalisation there GH - no? Are you unhappy with the entirety of Dublin GAA?


The next game is on March 22nd in Parnell Park


No it does a bit righ but some things do my head in, like Con not only playing last night but playing the full match. A match that was probably over as a contest before half time.

Allowing inter county standard players quit hurling to concentrate on football only to see those players get little or no time on a football pitch. In the last 10 years only Connolly and Kilkenny have had proper game time with the footballers of lads who could have played county hurling.

At juvenile level there was 4 rounds in a row of football league games before the hurling gets going this weekend. Hardly fair on the hurling mentors trying to get training sessions in or challenge games, would it be done the other way around? Also the football leagues get a double round of games 14 league games to the single round of hurling, 9 games.

Sorry but to me the dcb are clearl happy for football to be number 1 and hurling given the leftovers but make it look like or sound like we’re a dual county. If they really wanted success I both they would have realised the last 5 years was a decent opportunity to get it in both codes but they have allowed players walk from the hurling set up.

And the use of Con last night again shows the disregard for hurling.


Full disclosure please. Hurling has an equal number of games at U13,14 and 16. It’s only at U15 or in the odd lower league due to entries that there are less games due to pressures of time and the also fact that a lot of U15s also play 16.

As for the four weeks in a row of football? That’s down to weather and pitches. Hurling should not be played in early February.

The calendar is basically the same one as I was involved in drafting and believe me I would not have accepted anything less than all but full equality, which is basically what we have.

I don’t know if you were about twenty years ago but then there was a major issue with hurling. Since 2003 the problems have been gradually fixed and since 2008/9 or so I don’t believe there’s an issue at under age level certainly.


With all due respect ground_hurler do you want the DCB to actually force players into certain codes? Make the decision for them? Really?


Sure they are doing that anyway…


Wow … I think we should call the Guards here …


10 days to go and excitement is building up around the club, a win for Cuala will hopefully reignite the hurling scene in the county.


A clear bill of health for next week? Should be a great game looking forward to it and best off luck, tell them Cuala ultra supporters to behave themselfs in HQ. :joy:


Unlike the “high jinks” of the Gonzaga College rubgy fans in Donnybrook?

Best wishes to everyone connected to Cuala. A massive day for them and for hurling in Dublin. A tremendous achievement thus far… no reason why you cannot go one step further.