All Ireland Club Hurling


Well done Cuala. Stick with the hurling Con :wink:


Well done Cuala. Great stuff


Jebus. Gizzy Lyng looks like he just wandered out of an episode of The Riordans.


Lads , what’s the general concenus on Con . Is he a better footballer than hurler ? Is he sticking with the football purely to win AIs ?


Far better hurler in my opinion. Always was as a younger player. I was involved with his development squad. Serious hurling talent.


Cian was interviewed recently and said con always dreamed of playing football for Dublin, can’t knock a lad for following his dreams. Just like CJ stander grew up dreaming of playing rugby for Ireland :ireland:


Better footballer without doubt. But it’s all about relativity. In comparison to the hurling forwards we have he’s as good as any, but we obviously have a lot more options in the football


I imagine he’s hanging in there waiting for lads to retire . His time will come no doubt , sooner than later when its forced upon us .


i think he’ll break through regardless.


Absolutely bolloxed after that, I know we won well but I’m one of those glass half empty blokes who fears 5 goals in injury time. Roll on St. Patrick’s day. Cuala Abú.


Decent display . Defensively a lot to work on. Probably underdogs


I’d agree, a bit of work to do and not much time to do it. I think we can step up again from to-day though, loosing Paul Schutte was a big blow, he’s been the launch pad for many of our attacks when fit.


Absolutely feckin chuffed for Cuala. Delighted, and excirrrrra for them. Maith sibh!


Is Schutte gone for the final?


Should be grand, broke a finger in a challenge game with Tipp a couple of weeks ago.


Are you taking the credit? :wink:

Well done to all in Cuala. Best of luck in the final. Hopefully, as many Dubs as possible will turn up in Croke Park to support Cuala on the day.


Ah jayzus, certainly not :joy::joy:. Just telling it as I see it. He’s a better hurler end of


Agree @CDG think he’s far better hurler. Would love to see him play for Dubs Hurlers.


Cuala IMO have surpassed the acheivments of Boden at their peak.

Winning Leinster and now getting to an AI Final.

Thought the keeper had blown my bet Cuala (-12), crazy moment from him.

Think they’ll go on to win the final now, Con leading the way again. What a talent that boy is, electric.


Ballyhea will be hard to beat . They’ve beaten better teams