All Ireland Club Football Championship 2018/19 (Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)


There 8 clubs in club championship. County championship is the 8 senior clubs and the almagamations.


Clearly something off on the gradings.


Cute Kerry horism


Let their 9th-16th best teams play intermediate championship. But then their IFC champions must play without their County SFC Divisional players once they go on to play the Munster/All-Ireland club championshiops.


He did do on his Twitter


Anybody know how many of the last JFC & IFC wins Kerry have the last few years ?

Completely unfair playing field , there reps for the levels they are should surly be bumped up ?

Kilcummin would best most Senior teams.


Kerry have won 9 JFC since '04


It’s 9 since 2005 and lost two other finals as well. Won 6 IFC since 2007 with two more as finalists. But in the last five years it’s 3/5 in intermediate and 4/5 in junior.


That’s an awful camera position for the Corofin v Gweedore match.


Looks like Deegan has learned little about refereeing since last saturday.


Gweedore 4 took about 10 steps for the goal. Steps are becoming a joke. McGees are very unlikeable.


That’s ripping the piss.


They literally go around bating players , Be surprised if 1 or both see out the game especially if the game gets away from them .


I counted 10 steps, right in front of deegan


I hope they’re well beat - Corofin forwards too hot - cutting them to shreds. Very stupid defending


Corofin have more craft and guile. I’d expect them to push on.


Great audience in Carrick


Liam Silke doing good man marking job on McNiallais. Ian Burke is a great class and good football brain. Gweedore giving stupid frees on front of the goal.


Eamonn McGee took out a couple lads. He got a straight red in Ulster final.


If Lundy got a black how did 4 not get one?