All Ireland Club Football Championship 2018/19 (Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)


Could be wrong…

I think they were copying the YouTube videos where one traveller challenges another one to a fight.

Kevin Cassidy is saying ‘shite in a bucket’.

That’s copying the Joyce video where he says the same thing to another traveller. Only KC couldn’t keep a straight face.


And the fact they play Corofin next?


Check out 2:10 for the ‘shite in a bucket’.

I’d say the gweedore lads where having craic and thought they’d make a similar video challenging Corofin to a fight.

That video is funny even though it’s threatening.


The fact that they’re playing Corofin next is exactly why they shouldn’t tag them.

With all the pc stuff nowadays one could easily construe it as them taking the pi55 out of Corofin and associating them with other ‘famous’ Galway families in that region.


Yeah I could see how it might be construed that way.

I’m sure it was meant in jest…but shows you the danger of social media, phones…and drink.

Think KC is a teacher too…a job where you got to be extra careful.

Still…I love the ‘ya wee basta*d’. Almost said in a Belfast accent.


KC was a teacher, nearly sure he runs his own ready meals company now; alongside punditry.


Never knew that…some change from a classroom job.

I know he writes for Gaelic Life (based in Omagh), and he covers some of radio ulster games.

But assuming it’s healthy ready meals…that seems to have taken off recently.


Don’t forget running local pub and pizzeria Teach Mhicí as well.


He has everyone covered, the health and the not so health conscious locals :smirk:


Kinda like myself !


I like Cassidy. Always has good things to say about the current Dublin team also…


Kevin Cassidy of the few ex intercounty players on Twitter that has always has a positive thing to say about this Dublin team.Glad he won his ulster medal after missing Donegal AI in 2012.


Isolation??? It’s only fcukin Longford ffs …

Kilmacud Battle Shite Traffic Jams, Spiralling Rent and Expensive Pints to seek Leinster Title


O’Rourke moaning about not having the Leinster club finals in Croker. Ffs. They moan like fcuk when the Dubs play there and he’s suggesting the clubs play there?!?! Given the recent record of Dublin clubs (until the last two years) I’m sure the usual suspects would be whining like fcuk if the finals were in Croker. More gobshitery.


Beaufort beat Easkey from Sligo 3-18 to 0-5 to win junior football club All Ireland. Another AI club title for Kerry. Kilcummin(Kerry) playing Naomh Eanna(Antrim) in the intermediate final now. Live on TG4 youtube channel.


Kilcummin 2-3 to 0-0 after 7 minutes. Should be more than 8 senior clubs in Kerry.


Grossly unfair - there is a clear problem with these gradings. Nobody moaning though as long as Kerry are winning …


Surely a certain “journalist” will bemoaning the unfairness of it all if he doesn’t want to come across as hypocritical…


He is tbf


I haven’t checked that , but shirley you are taking the piss ???