All Ireland Club Football Championship 2018/19 (Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)


Still fair dues to them it is a great achievement for them to get to the final and they must believe after their great win today.


Club membership number: 144

Shows how unbelievable an achievement it is, with such a number.


Leinster Semifinal Highlights


Great game in Healy Park. Bad conditions. Great honest efforts from both clubs. Second period of ET The lads will be horlixed…


Well done Gaoth Dobhair. Good man Beggan. Best Goalie in the land.
Drove one 45 over the bar. Drove the next one 5 yds wide. Had a 46m free in the last minute to even it up and lobbed into the full back. All Star.


Well done Gweedore. Delighted for Kevin Cassidy.


Good effort by both teams considering the conditions. It was always going to be very tough for whoever came out on the losing side, and I do feel for Scotstown. Don’t think they played near as well as they can through all of Ulster (weather today wouldn’t help), but they just fell short.

Key moment was Carey’s braindead red card when he punched his man twice, and not even a bit discreetly. That came when Scotstown were a point up, and Carey had actually played really well to that point. He should know alot better for a man who has been on the county team for years.


Scotstown like Monaghan bottle it when going gets tough. If Hughes brothers Kieran in particular had concentrated on football instead of diving would have won that.


:roll_eyes:I feel bad for Beggan that he’s going to have a crowd of Dubs on his case anytime he makes a mistake from now on, for club or county it seems. It’s not like Scotstown only are there because of him or anything either.

He shouldn’t always be the only one who is expected to deliver, Scotstown had ample opportunity to take a winning score both in normal and extra time, and each man either passed the buck or took a poor shot. And Beggan scored 2 today for the record, not that it matters in the end.


Didn’t think they were diving much were they? Seen more of Gweedore lying down in the last 10 minutes to run down the clock. On the other hand K Hughes focuses too much on getting involved in off the ball stuff than on his football. Like I say I think Carey was the worst offender of all today, I think Scotstown might have sneaked it if he was on the pitch. He’d been having a good game and another confident shooter is what they needed towards the end when they were passing the ball about in front of goal.


Carey was huge loss. Conor McCarthy never stepped up today especially when he went off.


The red card was disastrous for Scotstown. Carey was the one that had turned the ball over needlessly a few seconds earlier too, trying to take the man on when he had support outside him and a one point lead. It’s no excuse for what he did, but he probably realised himself he had just blown the chance to seal the game.


We didn’t build him up to be a god!! :smirk:

Thought he did well enough today. He got away with dropping a ball he should have caught on his own line. What surprised me was his short run up to the 45s and minimal backlift - in these conditions. His first one carried all the way but the next dropped short. He’ll just have to live with the constant glare. That’s what happens when you’re the best keeper in the country.

Ps I really don’t understand the need for a result in these games when the semis aren’t til February.


Yeah that almost makes it worse, he’s the one who lost possession so it’s as if he saw red trying to prove a point and win it back. That’s bad enough when you are over physical and give away a free - but to box him not once but twice! Absolutely brainless. And if that does happen, it’s the kind of thing you’d see from a young inexperienced lad. Carey is around the county set-up a good while now so he should absolutely know better.

Agree McCarthy was too quiet, scored one lovely point but nothing aside from that. Gweedore seemed to give him some close attention (which maybe opened more space for the like of Carey) but you’d still want more out of him on a big day like that.


He drove in with the left arm but I’d say he didn’t mean to connect with the right - but he did and deservedly saw red.



Donegal lads are never shy of celebrating :joy::joy:


Ah sure janey mac can you blame them. Great place in the Summer but you would need something to celebrate in the mid winter.



I used to read Kevin C’s articles in Gaelic Life when he was effectively exiled from the county panel.

Yet always full of support for the Donegal team.

Not often I wish a Donegal man success in Healy Park…but glad he got his medal. That man deserves his beer !


Why tag Corofin though?! :thinking: