All Ireland Club Football Championship 2018/19 (Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)


I’m not disputing what you saw…but then look at the Kernan brothers who are absolute gents on and off the pitch.

I’ve been to underage tournaments and most clubs usually have an over-the-top coach.

We played a nearby team in a friendly at home and away (they a higher grade) and in both games there was trouble from one of our players and a parent.

I’d know some of the parents from the other team and they were giving off at the really bad behaviour - but the truth is most parents from our club were mortified as well.

But as things stand they’d think twice of hosting us again as they think we’re a bunch of hallions.


It did appear as if there was a deep rift between Jamie and the Club. However, it appears to have been patched up as he has recently transferred back and will be available for them next year.


Hard to know whether Jamie’s sabbatical is a good or bad thing.

Then again…Kevin Cassidy rolled back the years today at 37.

Have to say I haven’t heard about issues at Cross…and know they can’t be discussed on here.


I thought you have been here forever?


The clue is in the name.


Learn something new every day!

Oddly enough…the reason I was up there is because the wee girl was at the Gaelteacht so we called up at the weekends.

Ps also called up to make sure there were no teenage discos. Had the shotgun in the boot.


Rian’s Red card was a real thug/ cowards move

Short fuse like his father obviously


Yep the game was over at that point. It was just really stupid.


Yesterday was some day for football…given that Ulster club football can be dire at times.

Omagh was busy with the double-header…::.queues all the way to B’gawley.

Always felt KC was unfairly dropped from the Donegal squad in 2012…so for that reason alone I’d like to see them win. He writes some articles for Gaelic Life, and he’s usually very interesting.


Agreed and agreed.

Your second statement suggests to me an insight beyond the average supporter?


I’ve known Gareth for years alright. . . tough man, but nasty on the pitch

Himself and One of the McEntee’s actually went for the Kilmacud job (expressed an interest to the club chairman) around 2012 - just after Paddy Carr finished up


Have to say I never heard of the father before…only the famous uncle.

But of the articles I’ve read…they’ve been positive of Rian O’Neill. Wasn’t he an Armagh minor (or was that the brother?)

Rufus will know more than me…but afaik, that’s his first sending off in the championship.

Even the best players can lose it once. He could well learn from this. He’s still young.


Come to think about it…O’Neill is a big Tyrone name. It’s even on the crest.

Clearly some bad genes have crossed the Moy and into Cross!


Did O’Neill play for Armagh? I remember him full back for Louth in the 90s.


Rian O’Neill will be a brilliant footballer and I think he has played Minor for Armagh. However he does have a short fuse and as Gweedore were playing keep ball yesterday in the closing minutes, with Rangers bowing out, it had all the ingredients for a red card, which he duly collected.

Yes. Him and his brother Padraig (affectionately known as Bucket) both played for Armagh and would have been on our team in the late eighties / early nineties. The O’Neill brothers (there were three or four of them) formed the backbone of a young Killeavey team that appeared destined to be the next big thing in Armagh football around that time, but they very much flattered to deceive. I think there was a fallout with Killeavey and the O’Neills moved back to Louth.


Highlights of Last weeks Leinster Quarterfinals


John Donaldson played with Louth and Armagh too around same time as well?


Wasn’t Ballyshannon, was an amalgamation of them and Bundoran.


Cassidy’s treatment was absolutely deplorable.A prime example of the shocking excesses of many inter county managers, who have totally forgotten about players in their quest for personal glory


Correct @Stato82 - was a St Pats, Cullyhanna man but moved to Louth and from their to Rangers. I think Strabannon was his Club in Louth.