All Ireland Club Football Championship 2018/19 (Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)


Should have gone (if we are being picky)


Always liked Math more than English


Strange given that Donegal are such a strong county.

I just assumed they’d have far more Ulster wins. As you say only Ballyshannon to date.


I think this is Scotstowns’ time to win Ulster.


I am only concentrating on the constant incorrect use of ‘Of’ - otherwise I will be here forever.


Gweedore will win Ulster handy enough


why is that?


They have a good squad and have won Monaghan 5 in a row now I think.


Scotstown got out of jail today - but Coleraine beat Slaughtneil.

We were in GD over the summer and drove past their ground right beside the beach.

Some spot - but must blow gales there. No wonder they were able to take the lead against the breeze today.


I am sort of glad Cross were beaten. I went from supporting them when they first came to prominence to getting a bit fed up of the attitude of some of their supporters when they started winning. But I live near enough to them, so that is probably just local stuff and happens everywhere.

Unfortunately Cross are about to be caught up in a bit of a scandal that is not of their making.



Two reds too - don’t like getting beaten. Have came across them at juvenile level and some of the stuff that goes on is very unpleasant.


I won’t scare the mods by going into it. There will be a court case soon enough where it will come out. It’s (unfortunately these days), the usual stuff involving one club member.


Didnt see the game but from listening on the radio…it seemed a clean game.

Players can lose their cool or get frustrated…you can’t say it’s a cross thing.

Talking of that lad Rian O’Neill…he looks a good talent. Near sure I heard somewhere that he’s a relative of Oisin McC.


I can. And I did.


Well that’s stating the blindingly obvious!

I was hardly being literal.


Have you ever come across them at underage?


No. But don’t think you can generalise a club based on a few experiences of what you felt at an underage blitz.


Rian and Oisin O’Neill’s mother is Dora McConville, Oisin’s sister. Their Dad is Gareth O’Neill who played for Armagh and Louth. Both are excellent players, but Rian is better. He does though have a short fuse, as evidenced today.

Incidentally, Cian McConville who came on quite late in the match for Cross is another nephew of Oisin. His Dad is Jim McConville who played for Armagh and Ulster.

Unfortunate indeed and by all accounts has the potential to split the Club. It is very high profile and has already made the news up here.


Thanks I knew it came up somewhere. Not a shabby pedigree to have then.

Cross have a certain fascination for me. How does such a small community produce so many good players.

Makes you wonder how they’d get on with Jamie Clarke. Or has he cut all ties?


I’ve seen it a number of times - it’s fairly consistent - across a number of age groups - as young as u9. Mentors spread along the line - ‘influencing’ young whistlers among other things.