All Ireland Club Championship


Watch the umpire to the left of goal when the ball drops in … hilarious!


Injured, as was Daithi Murphy for the majority of the campaign, having those two available in the middle would have made a huge difference but not guaranteed, Slaughtneil the better team on the day and deserved it.


Jesus those articles on Joe,ie are painful to read, it’s like trying to get through on of those spam e-mails before it actually get;s to the point! Nice little ballet step by the umpire alright!


Slaughtneil going great guns so far, but the Gooch’s goal just there may rock the boat somewhat. Vey intriguing game so far. Too determined and ferocious teams.


That red card could be the game.


Should have been two reds, O’Leary kicked him immediately beforehand and I wonder will they highlight that at half time?


On seeing the replay, a red for O’Leary would have been harsh as it was a brush of the leg but WTF was Cassidy thinking?


I thought it should have been a red for the kick by Crokes that started that incident. Remember Lee Keegan got a red for a kick and he didn’t even make contact. Very good game all right.


LOL…Cooper yapping to the ref and SN getting their free moved up, as a result. I though that kind of carry on wasn’t in their DNA? :grinning:


Slaughtneil will run out of steam if they don’t mix up their approach.


What a shockingly shite game.


Slaughtneil haven’t got near a man in about 8 mins.


Both teams seriously poor, slaughtneil denied the clearest peno I’ve ever seen though which could have made the difference!


Delighted for Crokes and for Cooper. Well done to them.


Chance missed for Vincents as they probably would have done Crokes today. Feel sorry for Slaughtneil as the red card slaughtered them.

Some serious amount of cynical fouling by our friends from the Kingdom.


I was cheering on Slaugghtneil.

But those last few mins of injury time in the first half decided it.

Pity for Casey to get sent off, but retaliated in front of the linesman.

Kerry doing well at club and underage now. That’s two of their clubs AI winners

Despite that I can’t begrudge Colm Cooper a medal. Clearly past his best but anyone who’s given as much service to football.