All Ireland Club Championship


Statistically slaughneuil were more efficient in scoring .
They scored 13 points from 21 scoring chances which is a 62 percent average

Vincent’s scored 11 from 19 scoring chances . An average of 57 percent

There is no question of what team deserved to win looking at the stats

I also thought Vincent’s full back line were led a merry dance for most of it
Midfield non existent too. They were murdered on the breaks .

Having to play Shane Carthy at midfield was really worked against them as he brings huge efficiency to their half forward line


A truer map of Vincents’ catchment might have shown many areas outside of Dublin, never mind Marino:wink: . Wouldn’t let a map take the gloss off a great win for the Slaughtneil lads.


Amazing achievement.

Slaughtneil are the first club to win provincial titles in all three GAA codes in the same year.

They’re also on a for a potential AI treble: with the f’ballers and camogie team already in the final, and the hurlers in the semi.

Chrissy McKaigue was on the radio the other morning. He played for Sydney Swans for a few seasons before coming home. He plays for the hurling team as well.

I think there are 4 players who play hurling and football for Slaughtneil. Some headache if the hurlers get to the final.


Chrissy McKauiges performance on Saturday was nothing short of heroic. Does he play with the Derry county side?


He definitely played for them under Brennan.

In fact he played for the county minors and U21s.

But not sure of this season. He didn’t feature in the McKenna Cup.

In an interview with the telegraph, he spoke off the mental health issues with sport and life balance.

Not sure if he could fit in the county.


Do any of the footballers double up on the camogie team?


Mullins was lucky not to get a red when he had to be substituted. He led with the elbow

Chrissy Mckeigh was unreal, Kept Dermo quiet and 4 massive scores too, all round performance. The tackle on Dermo near the end around the peno area where he tapped the ball out of his hands!


Time they were split in two me thinks. How about cutting their funding too?


Nah…too soft!

How about splitting them in two: north and south S’Neil?


Will they put up a map of Killarney now? To show how many more Paddywhackery pubs there are there than in Silent Glen?


Westport Colmcilles game


Good game. Leeroy should have had another black card though. Lucky man


Better team won, Slaughtneil is a great club, just didn’t happen for Vincent’s, Still an excellent team and 3 Dublin championships , 3 Leinsters and 1 all Ireland in 4 years is a great achievement for any team and some clubs can only dream of it. We got some good days out, coinciding with Dublin’s greatest period ever it has been a great time to be a Vincent’s and Dublin man.

Badly missed Fennell this last year and this year.

I wouldn’t write them off for the DFC next year but all good things must come to an end eventually.


Where is Fennell these days? Must have had a few bad injuries? He’d be pushing 33 this year so will ye get much more out of him at that level?


Was in Croker yesterday and Graham Reilly gave Lee Keegan plenty of it. Big strong guy running direct had Lee on the back foot. I think his All Ireland black card saved him a clearer one yesterday. Reilly definitely more impressive though Lee had his moments too. Dermo take note.


I didn’t see the game. I see Keegan was selected at Centre Back. I’d assume he didn’t have a man-marking role and was playing as a sweeper? If he was, he would be vulnerable (as most would be) to someone running straight on at him. When Keegan man-marks anyone (Connolly included), getting possession against Keegan is only the start of the battle. Having the time and space to run at him is another kettle of fish.


He was playing 8 and stayed in midfield for most of the first half. They had a healthy lead and half time and he seemed to be detailed to man-mark Reilly in the 2nd half. Reilly certainly got the better of him.


Good battle for sure between those two, I thought Reilly was better


Everyone is fallible . We saw that with Dermo against Slaughtneuil . I think club action for the top 1 percent is different . So much is expected of them
Keegan is Westports key man and Vincent’s don’t function without Dermo either


They got over the line without him being anything like key yesterday though. 3 young lads up front were fliers and his midfield partner got MotM - I thought Reilly was tbh.