All Ireland Club Championship


The one I have a real issue with is where he blew for a free and then let them play on. I think he tried to indicate they actually took the free, but the fuy in possession soloed a few time and passed the ball from 10 yards further on. So that wasn’t an interpretation, he saw the subsequent score and looked for a reason to give it.

Others are very debatable, but the way the tackle is, there is no clear cut answer in some instances, even if they are dubious.

I am not sure if Savage did over carry the ball for that turnover either. I thought he hopped it with the allotted time. It was more a case of where an over carry might happen, so he gave it before it happened.


Vincent’s dodged a bullet . Crokes would have taken that defence apart . Kerry football on the way back big time
Good game too . Previous game saw two teams playing like Donegal 2012


Ref from mayo??


Roscommon I think


Same team more or less that failed to win every other year, so I am not sure what indicates coming back! If it was a team of young lads yes, but this is just the same guys they have all the time.


@alanoc hard luck sir, certainly officials were awful, but your lads performance was more critical I’d wager. Fair play to Slaughtneil. It’s up there with Brexit and Trump in shocks. I hope they go all the way now in the big ball!


No question about that. As I said, the better team won. But sometimes the better team loses. That could have been us today with a proper ref. That fella today was a joke. The programme says it’s his sixth year on the inter county panel yet I have never heard of him. And Maurice Deegan running the line? He would have been a far, far better choice.

Anyway done and dusted now. It’ll be interesting to see if they have another kick in them in Dublin this year. Not winning in 2015 gave them a good break but now they’ve been on the road again for more than a year. It’ll be interesting to see where we go.


Then you went to Croker and saw McQuillan


Was it not Gough running the line ?


It’s a dead duck al unless you have more country lads . A lot of lads 33 plus


Gough was running the main stand line in the second half.
Disappointing performance from Vinnies in the second half especially, but in fairness Slaughtneil were worthy winners, their tenacity and ball retention as well as McKaigues huge scores were massive factors.
However the ref was absolutely atrocious. Ruari Treanor got hit with a high tackle in the second half, right across the jaw only to get penalised for over carrying, too many times the ref missed the blatant free, first half a slaughtneil forward slipped into a Vinnys player and got a free in, Mullins booked in the first half when the slaughtneil forward was holding his arm, no advantage at key points and just poor all round game management.
Still, as I said Slaughtneil deserved it and best of luck in the final.


Hard luck Vins, very disappointing. Well done Slaughtneil, and best of luck in the final. Mun will be disappointed too, I’m sure they would have won this game.

The Blue Chip Royalty of Kingdom Club football Vs the battling minnows from Derry, will the open spaces of Croker be exploited by Crokes? Will they surprise us all (nt that much) and go blanket to ensure the result? Will Slaught’s experience of two years ago stand to them? Probably Gooch’s last great chance to add the Club medal to his haul. Is he the captain?


I wonder would the same image had been used in an argument had Vincents won with their bigger catchment area :thinking:


Yes. Sorry. Deegan was named in the programme.


I think you’re right, end of an era for this vincents team I think.

The time of the Mun’ is upon us.


Good interview with Crissy McKaigue last week when he spoke about the pressures of sport and the GAA:

“Of course there are times when the schedule has certainly had a negative effect on my mental health, in terms of the sheer number of games and how thick and fast they were coming,” he said.

McKaigue has strong views on the purpose of the Association. Surprisingly, for someone as successful as he is, he insists the culture should be more than just about winning and the seemingly irreversible drift towards semi-professionalism.

“I’m concerned at the way the GAA is going in terms of the bigger getting bigger and the weaker diminishing. This is having a negative impact on club and county and a lot of it is to do with a draconian approach by the powers that be at the top,” he stated.

“Winning in sport is the aim, no one can deny that, but in GAA we have a unique Association that has links to our culture and heritage. I feel somewhere along the line it has become unfashionable to acknowledge this because of the commercial side of things.”


It’s a bit ridiculous to see these maps of Silentlaugh and Marino and this narrative about the size of both places. The reality is that GAA is a religion in Slaughtneil while huge swathes of Marino have nothing to do with Vins.


One of the papers said that after getting knocked out of Ulster…Derry go back to what do best at…club football.

If you play for Ballinderry or Slaughneil, you can see why a young person wouldn’t want to sign up with Damian Barton for 2-3 nights training a week in Owenbeg.

Ps delighted for Slaughtneil. For a parish of 300 families, they’re punching above their weight in hurling and camogie never mind football.


Slaughtneil controlled the ball a lot more, but they could well have lost that game. If the ref was anyway sensible, Vincents would have won by a couple of points and the story would be how good the defensive display from Vincents was.

Because of the ref issues, I think Vincents needed to push up a bit more and take the game to Slaughtneil. But kickouts were key. Slaughtneil were working very hard to block up any short ones - their whole game plan seemed based around it. Savage got some great ones, to the likes of Burke and Carthy, but he had to go 50/50 on some,

But, not a vintage performance at all by Vincents, but I think they should have got it over the line or at least got the draw. Up to their last point from the free (Mullins I think done for throwing the ball, when he appeared to have been fouled), I was confident enough of at least a draw as Vincents had better efficiency in scoring. But it wasn’t to be and no doubt about it, Slaughtneil are a good team and hopefully will go all the way.


That is an absolute seismic shock of a result in fairness . 300 families is all Slaughneuil have to pick from . Vincent’s must have 10 times that at least .
I think Mc Caugues performance is up there with one of the best I’ve ever seen . Heroic .