All Ireland Club Championship


They didn’t deserve to win unfortunately.

Hopefully Connolly gets a rest now, the only consolation in it.


Dreadful from Vins. Dublin need Cluxton to hang on for another year or two cause Savage isn’t good enough. His kickouts were shocking. Vins were too defensive and payed for it unfortunately.


Can see Crokes beating Corofin well.


In fairness to savage he had no midfield to hit . The Achilles heel unfortunately . I wouldn’t write him off

Only one all Ireland from 3 leinsters is disappointing


He had a good rest today


One all Ireland might be the limits of that Vincent’s team - at least they have one I guess - they were much better three years ago with much more pace

And in fairness only for the addition of outsider Varley they might not have got this far


Accept that point but he kept hitting it down there when Vins were being slaughtered there. Very poor goalkeeping.


They should have worked it short to create an angle. With the breeze it was always going to be difficult.


Thought the Vinnies sideline was poor. Getting cleaned at midfield and take off corner forward Traynor. Surely Breathnach and Feeney should have introduced sooner. Referee was poor gave Vinnies nothing but he wasn’t reason they lost. Game was lost in first half as didn’t score enough with the breeze.


But if you can’t go short what do you do .


Try something different than just booting down the middle, hit the wings. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is, well, you know the rest


Slaughtneil full value for win, but ref no help to Vincents cause. He blew for a Slaughtneil free in the first half, but let play progress because they carried on and scored. Once he blew, he has to give the free. Pulled Vincents back without an advantage from same position. Connolly had jersey pulled in the square before Vincents last score, ref looking at it. Other very strange decisions also. Vincents probably didn’t deserve a result, but with a sensible ref, they would actually have gotten one.


I couldn’t understand the two frees vins got in the first half either . I thought he was bad for both teams


I wouldn’t agree, I thought it was mainly one way traffic.


Better team won. Too many of our lads didn’t perform. But that does does not excuse an absolutely outrageous performance from the referee. One of the worst I have ever seen.


Patsy Bradley catches a clean ball and gets a free against him because he runs into Brennan .
I thought he was a very fussy ref .
I think complacency set in . Vins had a media ban too . Something they never did before


As I said above, I thought it was shockingly one sided. To an extreme I have rarely seen in top football. I usually give the benefit of the doubt to the ref, and I have yet to see it on TV. I was very close to a few of those decisions and they were wrong in lots of cases. But Slaughtneil deserved their win regardless…


Glad it wasn’t just me so. I literally couldn’t believe most of what I was seeing. Horribly one sided.


Took a drive down to Newry to watch the game.

Dissapointed with Vincent’s performance, but that ref was dreadful.


Some result for Crokes against Corofin. Wouldn’t have expected them two in the final