Aido's Diary 2019 - Stopping the Drive for Five


That Willie Joe fecker lives amongst us yet does nothing but whinge & whine…


Wait… Has anyone ever seen Bart and WJP in the same room?


So one would presume his kids are all Dubs?

Man, that’s gotta suck !

:grin: :grin: :grin:

(For him I hasten to add, not them.)


I think someone leaked the minutes of the players meeting … Aido may have more on this …


Here is my ballad of Diarmuid Connolly:

I have 4 Celtic Crosses :slight_smile:

What they got?



The same, but only if you combine the entire county’s worth from from a bunch of octogenarians.


after winning Footballer of the year on your performance against Clare I look forward to your next diary entry :grinning:


And with his performance against Derry they are looking At giving him two all stars for midfield 8&9 as he dominated that game aswell - legend.


I heard it was 3…centre forward as well…8/9 and 11 for the man the myth the legend


Just give him player of the year. Congrats aido…super man :sweat_smile:


Humility may well prevent any further diary entries … best that Aido goes out at the top


T[quote=“Dub09, post:453, topic:925, full:true”]
Humility may well prevent any further diary entries … best that Aido goes out at the top

Two words that should never appear in the same sentence.

Just like lentils and coddle.


Lentils in Coddle are ace. There, I said it.

Be telling us you don’t put peanut butter in yours next…


You’re one sick puppy. Lentils in Coddle!!


Not an original recipe!


Get thee behind me Satan ! :rage:


Over a month since the last entry. There must be a few stories since the last one!


Ya got me hopes up when I saw that lovely little (1). Bastid.


There’s no coincidence that his lack of diary entries has coincided with vastly improved performances.
Has anyone ever seen Aido and @Dub09 in the same stadium/room together?


Ahh come on, nothing from our Aidan, he must have given up the scrawling after the Roscommon replay.