Aido's Diary 2019 - Stopping the Drive for Five


The pig from the eir ad @Dub09, you can’t be talking about St Cillian like that.


That is great stuff once again.
Maith an fear thú!


On the mother of all days I dedicate this to Aidos mammy the mammy of mammies


There was a lad came over and sat beside me at half time on Sat night at the match to talk to someone in the row in front of us who was wearing both Dublin and Roscommon colours! He was wearing a Mayo hoodie and a cap. I took a few glances at him and I could have sword it was the bauld Seamie himself. Some fookin bang off him too!


I’ll be okay - thanks for the concern. Mammy rubbed some cream on it. It’s grand.


Phew thank the maker. So will Aido be writing another entry soon?


Qui sait …


Couldn’t see a whole lot in the highlights, but looked like Aido could have been tipped in the nuts when he went down in agony getting the Eamonn Doherty sent off. Has to be the starter for the next entry anyway


Superb work once again :grin:


Only place I can think to put this:


And this. No surrender from the Confession Box Brigade!


The auld lad with the handle bar moustache . Was he the same guy who had the sign taken off him on screen at the Roscommon match about us beating Kerry’s record ?


Yep that’s Dublin Gerry


Whoops, wrong thread…



What has that story got to do with Mayo GAA?


3 brothers, from Mayo? You dont see it???

Its only a joke


Not a great one…and for the record the three lads involved were non nationals.


Ah jaysus relax, as I said it was a joke


Fair play, I thought it was very funny and I’m not even from Mayo !


Sensational … Aido dropped!

And he’s not happy …