Aido's Diary 2019 - Stopping the Drive for Five


Really enjoyed that. Garth Brooks also should’ve done 5-in-a-row like Mayo since 2012! :joy:


Apparently Aido is to be grand marshall of the Kiltimagh St Patrick’s Day extravaganza. He will head up proceedings on a top of the range Zetor Crystal - the new Mayo transport providers …


This read is so good I’d almost like to play that shower of whingers on a more regular basis … ALMOST!!!

Brilliant Dub09 :clap: :clap: :clap:


Massey is classy but zetor is better


Oh Deere


I’m bailing it out of here…


Aido’s new nickname? Lionel Massey?


fear the deere!!


Templemore parade @dubintipp??


Made a town halls of this … :joy:


That must be an old photo @Dub09, my uncle was a Garda instructor in Templemore and the Garda trainees formed a guard of honour after his funeral last May. I couldn’t believe how small some of them were, gone are the days when they were all over 6 foot tall.


Yep indeed - the 95 year old 4 '3" trainee I spoke to at the weekend told me the height and age restrictions are long gone.


was indeed templemore parade, over a million in deere stuff (2 combines and 2 tractors!!)

but this was also last friday Dub09 just in case you feel left out


I was at one there nearly forty years ago!!! :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Ha, last parade in Templemore that I went to was in 1989!


hasnt changed one bit.


Mother’s Day special from Aido maybe? Who would like?


Bring it on, its the least ya can do!


No demand …


Ah g’wan, g’wan, g’wan, g’wan…