Aido's Diary 2016/2017 - Tales From The Back Door


There’s yer first like! Choose life Aido!


Great stuff so far @Dub09, so it was Aido and Seamie that started the Hill off giving COC dog’s abuse on the frees in the 1st half & all because he wouldn’t pick Conor to start


Good plot stuff there dcr! :joy: Para there alright! :smiley:

Btw - All suggestions welcome and also what parts yis like - or otherwise.


How about getting the gobshites the bodhran boys in! Aido starts doing a jig to them gets caught on camera with his mugshot non the big screen


lol - have something like that covered would you believe - minus the bb’s …


The most realistic man in Mayo:laughing:


Once again great stuff Dub09!

Laughing out loud at work, a great start to the day.


Great stuff.
I’ve just given your 19th like… c’mon lads… one more like?


Great stuff @Dub09 Time for you to contact Paul Howard and ask him how to sustain this for 20 years, as your full time job!


Hey I want a Lennon / mcCarthy type contract.


WTF is McCarthy?


mcarthney. ya pedantic oul shite.


McCarthy wanted Leninists out, didn’t he?


He did. Its a pity he didn’t ‘out’ himself, instead of getting all them commies.


You really are messing with all these acronyms aren’t you! WTF is What the fook, not who the fook…




I have a kitten and I have a shotgun. Make with part two NOW, or I start thinking up ways these things can interact…

Ah gowan, please.


It will be along presently … though there could be a longish delay as I am not really a cat fan … :smirk:


There are so many possible responses to that most of them inappropriate! :grinning::grinning:


Great stuff Dub09. Really looking forward to part 2