AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


Marty giving permission for all the folk in the parishes to have a good celebration. Not to mention the diaspora in new york and San Francisco. How noble of him.


Fixhed …


Only fitting that Joe Canning has an All Ireland county medal. Delighted for them and fully deserved. Keady tribute brought a lump to the throat!


Someone turn off his mic


They’ll be happy when Stevo lifts Sam , hell be off the stage in a couple of minutes :joy:


That’s if Burke is finished …


People have work tomorrow


The saw doctors for the Christmas number one ?


come back Joe Connolly all is forgiven


I’ll never give out about Clucko again!


The Green and Red of Mayo :sunglasses:


Here he is again!


Ah go on congratulate your neighbors


Galway girl round 3 in full flight now. Surely they could have had a few more Saw Doctors tunes. N17 is far from their finest tune.


Congrats Galway Hurlers.


Great win and better team won. Long time since I’ve witnessed scenes like that at the end.


I dreamt I wore the jersey
on all Ireland final day
I’d stand out there in Croke Park
with a mighty part to play

wed come out of the tunnel
to a great big Galway roar
wed have our picture taken
head down to the goal

wed line up with the captain
and march behind the band
and when they played the anthem
wed face the flag above the stand

cos me heart is in maroon and white
I’ll stick with what I know
maroon and white forever
no matter where I go

and when the ball comes towards me
I turn and head for goal
and i stick it in the corner
like a bullet hard and low

and i dreamt I’d hold the medal
so precious in my hand
with the people all around me
and the ghosts up in the stand

then on Monday evening
wed bring the cup back home
bonfires would be blazing
all along the road

cos me heart is in maroon and white
I’ll stick with what i know
maroon and white forever
in hailstones, rain or snow

yes maroon and white forever
thats what i always say
maroon and white of Galway
forever and a day.


Verse is not allowed on Reservoir Dubs.


Nice tribute to his former team mate Niall Donohoe too. He played in 2014 final and died a few months after.


No goals for Galway since may 28th or something like that… but yeh Dublin don’t score enough goals :wink: (Just wait for iomaint to take this seriously and call me unintelligent again)