AI Qualifier Rd1, Cork v Dublin, Páirc Uí Rinn, Sat July 2nd @ 7pm


To be fair Rochey it’s less abusive then the last mail you sent me. So at least I should be thankful for that.

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CDG , I am not a WUM, been on reservoir dubs years, I might not communicate my point across as well as others but definitely not a WUM.

I just think it is time to implement a player and manager policy of Dubs only like the Senior footballers, its time. As I said, do you want say Tiernan McCann and Cillan O Connor moving to Dublin and been asked to tog out for the senior footballers, its the same thing.


I know you’ve been posting for years, but stop drawing comparison with the football and hurling in the county. They are not related sports wise, never were and never will be. I couldn’t give a s***e who togs out with the footballers. I’ve asked you to tell me who is the best man in Dublin to manage the team seeing as you don’t think that the “culchies” are able for it?? An unbelieveable comment!!!

Dublin hurling has progressed to where it is now with a huge amount of input from country lads in schools and development squads. I don’t see the need to change that now.


Mail I sent you? I have idea who, where or what you are, so please stop!


Conal aired his opinions:


Jaysus, having to look at Parkinson is turning my stomach…


will have to have a listen to that


Hopefully he doesn’t go all cryptic like he has done in his recent tweets, if he has something to say he may as well say it now.


Nah he kinda lays it out and compares the set up between Dalo and GC.


Does he actually criticize Cunningham in the piece?


Yes, in my opinion he does.


Grand stuff, I will give it a whirl so.


He basically says he doesn’t agree with Cunninghams set up, hes not a peoples person like Daly was. He says it in a nice way.

Oh and that he was pissed on holidays when he wrote the ‘Tactical shambles’ tweet. :slight_smile:

He’s now had his chance to talk about his issues with the hurling management, hopefully now we dont have to listen to or read any more of his cryptic quotes


He did not say he was pissed for that tweet,… Also I am not sure what is cryptic about any of the tweets, saying Dublin were a tactical shambles is about as uncryptic as you can get.

But that is a good interview, Parkinson surprisingly well informed on Dublin hurling. Keaney speaks well and says what he means without being overly nasty.


He rowed back on the tweet in a big way. He was asked a direct question and gave an indirect answer. It’s all there in the opening two minutes. Parkinson is about as informed as Comical Ali was about the US Invasion


Let’s not go down this road again :slight_smile:


He’s been on Game On a few times over the summer, doing previews of upcoming games, Dublin games as well as non Dublin. Perhaps he’s putting his hat in the ring for a full time punditry gig on The Sunday Game or wherever & we should just get used to him being in the meeja.

No one has a problem with Alan Brogan or Mossy Quinn doing media gigs. Is it fair to expect Keaney to “retire gracefully” as some here have said, just because the hurlers aren’t doing as well as the footballers, or they disagree with opinions he might have?


Struggling to recall mossy or Alan tweeting about being on the bench in 2011 and 2015 respectively
Conal said he voiced his concerns internally That should have been enough. Aside from the first minute where he flip flopped on the “tactical shambles” question I thought the rest of the interview was fine . A far better way to air his views then through a tweet in my view .


My point is about negative commentary versus positive.The footballers are going thru their best period since the 1970’s. The defeat to Donegal aside, the retired footballers would have their work cut out for them, trying to find anything negative to say about how the footballers are doing, or Jim Gavin & his set up. That is not the case with the hurlers. Expecting the same level of commentary or positivity is from retired hurlers, is wildly unrealistic. So is expecting them to all just shut up & say nothing, despite how uncomfortable it may be hearing honest opinions from them.

Agree that Twitter may not be the best forum for airing views immediately after a game, unless its something you are willing to stand by when the dust has settled.


We’re not expecting them to shurrup, we’re just making the point that they would be much better coming out and saying EXACTLY what they want to say (as Conal has now down) than resorting to cryptic little titbits that he was using up to that point.