AI Qualifier Rd1, Cork v Dublin, Páirc Uí Rinn, Sat July 2nd @ 7pm


Sideline cost us.


Twice now a red card v Cork


One moment of madness killed us. Although the tactics in the second half didn’t help. But you cannot win a game like that with fourteen men for forty minutes.



Players have to take responsibility too.


Balls . Heroic display though by a lot of players but sending off cost us the game . Beyond belief on a yellow you make a tackle like that
Not sure whether Alan thinks Rian mc bride is still better then Bennett still .
Chris is the type of forward we haven’t had for years . An absolutely brilliant performance by him


Nope…on the sideline


He probably did put the head down. But Chris was on a yellow. No need for such an aggressive challenge in that situation and position on the field.


struggling to see how Cunningham lost this for us, he didn’t miss easy frees, he wasn’t the reason so many of our forwards were absolutely anonymous, he didn’t get sent off. He put O’Donnell on Cadogan in the second half, cadogan still got the winner.


Took off Ryan and Bennett but left on Dillon. Short puck outs with the breeze? Durkin?

Players do have to man up but again some of the sideline decisions were baffling.


Cunningham lost this. Loss of players during the year from from the panel caused by his poor attitude and man management _ just imagine come of our missing players there today. Then selecting Madden was an obvious mistake and then leaving him on Cadogan when he was obviously getting skinned. Paul Ryan is a man for the big game and should have stayed on and should have been on the frees the whole game. Dillon did one good thing - an easy finish after brilliant work by Bennett but should not have started or finished.


Proud of the lads effort tonight and genuinely think the future is bright with some of the young lads we have. We were by far the more composed team there with 14 men.

Plunkett cost us there. A runner and nothing more. Heading for goal never looked up and I’d bet never believed he’d take a score either. Wrong man in the right place at the right time

Awful pity Dotsy wasn’t available tonight his experience would have Ben worth 2 or 3 points and hope that’s not him done.

Gutted our summer is over but looking forward to the future, starting Wednesday


He had the balls to play Bennett . Would Daly . You sound like the most bitter individual .


Losing players 6 months or 1 month ago didn’t cost that game tonight, silly comment


Total crap. Are you telling me Lambert or Nolan or Carton or Keaney would actually have made any difference?? Maybe Sutcliffe would have but I mean Sutcliffe was anonymous all last year so there was no guarentee he’d be good this year. Yes I would have left Paul Ryan on, but he had missed an easy free too and was no more effective then Treacy. Dillon shouldn’t have started?? Who would you have started ahead of him and based on what? As I’ve said, Cunningham didn’t get sent off, Cunningham wasn’t the reason Schutte did nothing, O’Dwyer did nothing, McCaffery did nothing, Dillon did nothing, Treacy and Ryan offering little or nothing again. McMorrow and Bennett really the only players that can take any sort of pride from this, the rest of the players were so so poor


It was all a bit loose tonight . The lasting impression was of two teams not going to go much further in the championship .
Thought Bennett was very good and freshened things up . There is a young team coming together here . Just might be happening too slowly for Cunningham . I don’t think the sideline ships the blame for that result at all. I think we might have an exciting team in about two years.


Don’t agree at all


Paul Ryan did very little . Were you watching the game ? Turned over at least 4-5 balls.
If it was up to you and some others here Barrett, Bennett and Sean Treacy would be in the stand replaced by players who couldn’t possibly played any better
It’s absurd . Cunningham shouldn’t have started madden but after that his selection was vindicated
The older players didn’t perform outside O Dwyer and Mc Morrow . Treacy was ok . Still managed 2 from play .
You can’t win a game down to 14 men .


I liked that the younger lads got then shout but the issues at the back line were obviously not dealt with.after 15 minutes we should have seen a switch in the corners. I’ll take it on face value the corcoran is the next choice at corner back.


Can’t keep blaming the manager, all the talk recently has been how Cork GAA is a basketcase and their two teams in crisis.


Too p1ssed off to make detailed comment, hate losing to them, suffice to say the team as a unit (management included of course) are fully to blame for this. The players on the pitch just were not good enough against a poor Cork team in every aspect of play, passing and shot selection and execution were shite. Imagine what we could have done with the absentees?

This experiment has failed IMO. Time to move on.